Langkawi: Exploring Superb Attractions

Renowned as one of Malaysia's best West Coast beach destinations, Langkawi offers more than just a pure, thrilling adventure. It is a unique travel destination that combines great natural attractions, exhilarating activities, incredibly cheap shopping, and exciting nightlife, all complemented with fares of historical value. Majority of its beaches are considered one of the best in the world, while its inland roads are user friendly and often deserted, making it a real driver's paradise. A good look at any of the following places and/or activities in this unique Malaysian travel destination will give you an experience of a lifetime:

Al-Hana Mosque
Also known as Masjid Al-Hana, this mosque is Sunset boat langkawi the largest and also the most popular in Langkawi. Located close to the waterfront, it is a beautiful sight to behold with its peach and gold motif. The sheer beauty of its gold, onion shaped domes is is really eye catching, although not as exquisite compared to other Malaysian mosque.

Dataran Lang
One of the most instantly noticeable man-made structure in Langkawi, Dataran Lang (also known as the Eagle Square) is a magnificent statue of an eagle poised to take flight.The sculpture is twelve meters tall, seated along bridges, terraces, and miniature fountains. The eagle sculpture is colored reddish brown, and was made as a symbol of Langkawi. According to local tradition, Langkawi is derived from two Malay words "helang" (meaning eagle) and "kawi" (reddish brown).The square is an excellent vantage point for watching ferries as they ply across the harbor, but it is recommended that a visit be made here during the early mornings or during late afternoons or in the evening, as the sun can really get intense at other time of the day.

Langkawi Bird Paradise and Wildlife Park
Located along Jalan Ayer Hangat, the beautiful Langkawi Bird Paradise is a five hectare tropical garden that is home to more than 2,500 exotic birds representing 150 species including canaries, eagles, flamingos, hornbills, owls, and toucans. This park is Asia's first fully covered wildlife park.

The Wildlife Park, also known as Taman Burung Langkawi, is a 10,000 square meter complex housing more than 1,500 birds that fly freely. This park is so designed such that some of its sections imitate the natural habitat of the different birdlife species inhabiting the area.

Sunset Dinner Cruise
Langkawi's offering of an adventure in style, Sunset Dinner Cruise is a mid-afternoon day trip that starts at the awana Porto Malai jetty and takes its guests off the Andaman Sea. The cruise features an open bar with fares of beer, chilled soda, fruit juice, and wine. The cruise is a dramatic preview of Langkawi's deserted islets, unique limestone outcrops and exotic marine life. Sunsets as viewed from the deck of the cruise is one unforgettable moment.