Roulette Online

When you play online roulette, you can place bets until your chips run out (although you can still place bets while the game is in progress). You can also place your chips on the same number over and over again. You can also play on the joker123 online site. One of the best ranked online sites.


When the dealer starts spinning the wheel, you will see the number in the box to your left as and already "in game" or on the active wheel.

Bet on the Roulette Wheel

The bet you place on the roulette wheel is whether that number will appear, and if so, on what color your chips should be placed. Online, there are several ways to place this bet. This includes inside bets, outside bets and taking off-table bets.


When you place chips in the inner betting area, you have the option of placing a single number bet, a series of number bets, red, black, odd or even numbers, or column bets. When you place chips in the outside betting area, you can place the numbers in a specific order, range, column or quad.


When you place chips outside the betting area, you can place numbers in a different order, at the bottom, dozens, hundreds, hundreds of numbers below, as well as bets within the number itself, whether black or red, odd. or even numbers, or are they low or high.


You can also place the chip on the inside of the table333 parcel. This parcel contains boxes with numbers in them as well as rectangles. If you place chips here, you win the number of chips placed in the box.

In addition, next to the box for placing bets, there are boxes for special bets, such as column bets and tens of bets. If you place chips in one of these squares, you win the number of chips, the more the better.


When you play roulette online, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the different betting areas so you don't take your chip sets and never know where they are. Place the chips in the box that has a favorite number or one that comes up frequently.