Baccarat online or read Baccarat is the number one popular card game in casinos or online casinos. How to calculate points is like playing joker123 apk ios cards in our country, No. 8 and No. 9, but Bakara is divided into 2 faces, namely Player and Banker betting style. Members can choose to bet. Dealer, player, tie and even playing card payment rates will vary.


Roulette or many people call spinning wheel games another form of gambling, just as fun as baccarat. There is a number box on the steering wheel for rotating the steering wheel. The range is 0-36, a total of 37 numbers. Members will get bonuses in the game, and roulette also has joker123 app multiple betting options, including odd prediction, red and black prediction, line prediction, group prediction, guaranteed fun. Especially now, it is more convenient to play roulette through mobile applications.

Hi Lo is a dice game. Gilo's Hilo will have 3 dice, each ball has 6 faces (points), members can choose from various predictions, such as Teng Teng, Big Bend, High and Low, 11 High and Low. Go online and still play on your phone.