As broad as it may sound, cybersecurity engineers need to possess expert-level understanding of information security concepts and their application via relevant technology solutions. This spans the range of information security tasks, from securing IT systems to defining security protocol to installing and configuring security devices, appliances and applications. The extent of these skills that you will be demonstrating on a daily basis varies by organization, but as a cybersecurity engineer you will be held to be an expert in this area of IT.

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty

Working as a cybersecurity engineer means that you will be called on to get your hands dirty. A lot. Examples of getting your hands dirty in this regard are developing, designing, testing and deploying security related systems and subsystems, cleaning up computer code bases for common coding vulnerabilities and working with other departments within the organization to secure IT systems. Information security involves almost every department within an organization, which may mean that the cybersecurity engineer will have to touch base with them as well.


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