Shorab Airbase Final Report

46 hour operation resulted in 397 invaders and hirelings killed and large material losses


Launch of Operation:

Amid the ongoing triumphant campaign of Al Khandaq operations, a group of martyrdom seekers of Islamic Emirate entered Shorab airbase, also known as Camp Bastion and 215 Corps, at around midnight Thursday and began a complex operation.


Operation Details:

A group of 9 martyrdom seekers (Mawlawi Muttawakal Billah from Helmand, Hafiz Hamid along with Muntaqim, Naweed and Abdul Rahman from Kandahar, Badruddin and Umar Mansoor from Ghazni, Badri and Hilal from Zabul) armed with heavy and light weapons as well as night vision equipment and high grade explosives managed to tactically enter the base from 3 axis with one group entering barracks of foreign invaders, second garrison of hireling troops and the third barracks of commando troops before engaging the enemy from close quarters and putting up resistance to reinforcements for 46 hours.

The operations resulted in hundreds of enemy troops killed, military hardware destroyed and facilities burnt down. The remaining enemy was engaged with night vision equipment during the night while their movement was restricted during the day as the martyrdom seekers systematically destroyed depots and mechanical workshops.


Operation Losses:

The successful operation came to an end after 137 American invaders including 15 pilots and 18 engineers were killed along with 19 others wounded. Similarly, a total of 260 hireling troops (142) and commandos (118) including Garrison commander Siraj and commander of commando troops Mansur were killed and 73 others wounded.

Moreover, two helicopters of hirelings and multiple helicopters and aircraft of foreign troops, 33 Humvees, 19 M117 APCs, 27 Ford Ranger pickup trucks, 21 International vehicles, 7 military ambulances, 11 fuel trucks, 1 logistic depot, 1 ammunition depot, 2 fuel depots, 1 aircraft workshop, 1 vehicle workshop, tens of containers and tents filled with edibles and military equipment, an air surveillance radar and many military buildings were systematically destroyed. Up to 40% of all military structures of the base were destroyed and a lot of the hardware and military equipment was also used against enemy forces.


Operation Target:

This complex operation was planned and executed after the barbaric American invaders and their stooges launched a campaign of ruthless targeted operations against civilians this year, martyring and wounding many villagers including women and children in their sleep, blowing up their homes with explosives, bombing mosques, madrassas, schools, clinics, bazaars and public places and causing the defenseless Afghan nation immeasurable human and material losses.

The leader of the Islamic Emirate commanded his forces to launch heavy attacks on the joint bases, military installations, intelligence centers and planning bases of the foreign and hireling troops in order to punish them for their crimes, bring the criminals to justice and to make the remaining understand that this valiant nation will never regret nor tire of their resistance neither will they allow anyone to usurp their freedom and sovereignty nor allow anyone to pacify and force them to give up their religious values.  


Operation Message:

This successful operation clarified to the American invaders and her allies as well as their domestic stooges that there is no difference between our words and actions. When we make a commitment as the representatives of the proud Afghan nation, we will fulfill it at every cost. We will most definitely mete out justice to the criminals and avenge violations against our nation and religious values.

Even after this if they insist upon avoiding path of rational and continue their crimes and savagery against the innocent Afghan nation, we promise them a situation multiple times worse than they are currently witnessing and shall continue defending our nation and religious values with passionate valor until we forcefully cut of the hands of our enemy and free our homeland from their occupation and corruption, Allah willing.

و ماذالک علی الله بعزیز


Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Qari Muhammad Yousuf Ahmadi

26/06/1440 Hijri Lunar

12/12/1397 Hijri Solar                   03/03/2019 Gregorian