Chapter 74
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Cronus - It's as if everything is in a dream. I believe that I have wandered for ages ... in the confines of the deep. The voice that echoes in Dunamis, contained in this human form ... is the whisper of the mother-earth saying ....
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Cronus - Kill your father. Kill the great uranus god.
Page 3
Cronus - Because you were born to reap all existing life. You are the god that begets death.
Page 4
Cronus - The one who harvests lives ... with megas drepanon
Page 6
Aiolia - He tore the floor ?! So that's the power ... of megas drepanon!
Page 7
Cronus - Yes ... because I am the great God. He who reaps lives, even tearing the darkness! It does not matter if it’s the life of my own father ... I harvest to be able to reach my great goal.
Aiolia- This cosmos is wrapped in something dark, which gets to chill my heart.
Cronus - For I ..... I was born to subjugate all other lives.
Page 8
Cronus - I am the conqueror chosen to command the worlds of heaven, sea, hell and earth.
That's what my mother said …his cosmos is full of terror.
Page 9
Cronus - For that ... she gave me the greatest power of all. The dunamis .. that no one can ever surpass. Whoever stands before me must choose ... between submission or death ... except you.
Page 10
Cronus - Only you, Lithos, who showed me the freedom of the earthly world, will I grant the privilege of living ... when all humanity is dead, only Lithos will continue to live!
Lithos - This ... is not right ... because living ... means being with others! There is no one in the world who can live alone ....
Page 11
Lithos - alone, there is no happiness ... happiness is born when many lives come together and live together. You can not create a world without it ... Cronus... why do you not calm down ... and come live next to us?
Cronus - All I know .... is to end things ... just that. I do not want to know how to create anything ... and if you, Lithos... will reject me ... and refuse to be mine ... only what I'm doing is to end your life ... and take it for me!
Page 12
Aiolia - No way! Lightning Bolt His blade ... cuts in two steps !! First, the flesh under the armor..after, the cosmos from within our soul !!
Cronus - What are you doing? Get out of my way...
Aiolia - I do not go out,no…
Page 13
Aiolia - because I'm responsible for Lithos.... and it's not with that kind of tune that you're going to take her! A guy who does not understand the importance of people's lives ... is not able to make Lithos happy ... because the freedom to live ... is a natural right of all living beings.
Cronus - But there is a power that mother-earth has given me .... to take that right to my pleasure. It is my Dunamis, deeper than the darkness ... of which, it generated only one thing ..
Page 14
Cronus - The death. Darkness Roar

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