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The Khashoggi Assassination Linked to

US vs. Russian Saudi Weapons Purchases

Saudis consider cheaper and higher quality Russian Weapon Systems


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Bern: The Khashoggi assassination can be linked with major weapons stores (Arms purchases)

ANALYSIS. "Like all the others, I was upset by the news of the assassination of the controversial journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. It was produced in MSM as ordered by ruling Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) "but as usual things are not as simple as some want us to believe, Lars Bern writes.


Text: Lars Bern, Uppd. at 9:57, 29 Oct

I also responded negatively to the fact that US President Trump smoothed it all with reference to the forthcoming Saudi arms purchase for $110 billion and how it would generate 30,000 jobs in the United States. The event seemed confusing to me, considering how clumsy it all seems to have been implemented. As usual, nowadays it turns out that things are not as simple as certain interests want us to believe. Here maybe a dog is buried.

What caused my interest seriously to dig in the outrageous event was the fact that the Russian President Putin made a statement in support of the Saudi Crown Prize. Why did I ask? Putin belonged to the Iran / Turkey camp in the Middle East, while the United States was fooled with Saudi.

If you dig in the event, a significantly more serious geopolitical background tones to the point that occurred. When MbS took up his role as Saudi Arabian's actual ruler, he inherited two important projects landed in the US military industrial complexes and by the neo-liberal global banks.
Gun Stores (Arms purchases)

Saudi Arabia has long been the US arms industry's premier dairy cow alongside American taxpayers. In the present case, there were plans for arms purchases totaling over 400 billion USD, of which at present USD 110 billion. This purchase included a letter of intent that expired last September on the purchase of US $ 15 billion US air defense system THAAD from Lockheed Martin.

After all, Mohammed bin Salman has received cold feet in front of these enormous arms spending and has begun to hesitate. The Saudi royal house no longer has unlimited resources, which Mohammed bin Salman realizes. He has found that the Russian air defense system S-400 is both cheaper and far better than the US, and has therefore held discussions with the Russians about buying their system instead. He is far from alone to make that assessment. A number of countries with Turkey and India are currently in the queue to buy the S-400 system despite the US's threat of sanctions.

The US military industrial complex has built strong contacts with influential saudis over the years to secure the Saudi weapon market for the American arms industry. Jamal Khashoggi belonged to these Saudi circles. His dearest brother-in-law, the incredibly wealthy Adnan Khashoggi, who died last year was the world's leading weapon trader and obviously close to the US arms industry.

When the latter sold its huge luxury yacht The Nabila, the buyer was no less than Donald Trump, so one could assume close relationships between the Trump and Khashoggis family. Here we consider the background that Jamal took a critical attitude to Muhammad bin Salman when the latter began to hesitate about the huge weapons purchases. Khashoggi then chose to leave Saudi Arabia and settle down in the United States, where he wrote critical articles in the Washington Post against Mohammed bin Salman.

When Mohammed bin Salman was matched as Saudi star, he supported major global financial circles because he said he would be willing to drive through the second major project, namely the privatization of ownership (IPO) in Saudi state's largest asset - oil company Aramco.

This was something that the Saudi royal family previously expressed doubts about. The deal was announced in January 2016 by the banker family Rothschild's magazine Economist. It would be billions of dollars and would provide huge revenues to some of the world's largest banks. Trump announced in its usual brilliant manner that this would be the biggest IPO ever on the New York Stock Exchange.
Vision 2030

The basis of the Aramco deal was Mohammed bin Salman Vision 2030, which aimed at reducing the oil dependence of the Saudi economy and opening up the country's financial markets for Wall Street banks by privatizing the vast majority of the country's public finances, such as whole health care and, of course, Aramco. This was the perfect storm of the globalists, which at one time would greatly increase their global power over world finances.

Vision 2030 was created in 2015 by globalists' leading consulting company McKinsey & Company, serving as their instrument for launching neo-liberal solutions to all the world's problems.

McKinsey's influence goes well beyond the company, because it has been an alumni's planting school in highly influential positions around the world. One might assume that the company had influence on MbS's rise to Saudi's ultimate power with the estimate that he would encompass a series of neoliberal reforms that the older generation opposed.

It seems, however, that reality soon came across Mohammed bin Salman and that he realized in recent months that the planned neoliberal reforms that the globalists try to dive into the country would undermine his or her family's power position.

He began to look for a plan for that.


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Education: Chalmers Technical College in Technical Physics, dispensed in chemical reaction technology on a dissertation on mathematical modeling of hydrogenation of vegetable oils.

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Areas of Interest: Science in Physics, Environment and Medicine. Geopolitics.

Member: Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences and the former Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Academy Committee.

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