7 Incredible Ways to Reconnect with Your Husband or Boyfriend

There are times in every relationship when other commitments take priority over your husband or your boyfriend, but these times can hurt a relationship. When you start to notice that you haven?t been as close as you once were, you will want to start taking steps that will reconnect you with your partner and re-establish the strong relationship that you once had.

Realize that the mess can wait

Some women believe that they are being constantly judged by how their house or their living space looks. However, this is far from the case. Instead of making cleaning the majority of your free time, why not allow yourself to let more things go at the end of the day to make room for your relationship? Instead of having the laundry always done and the kitchen always shining, isn?t your relationship worth the time?

Take time for yourself

Many women will feel more connected in their relationships if they take the time to make themselves look good. Something as simple as getting out of sweatpants and tee shirts at the end of the day and into nice jeans and a well-fitting top can help you feel more confident and thus, more attractive to your partner. You don?t have to look like a model, but taking care of your appearance can help you feel like one.

Create a date

At least once a week, you and your partner need to get out of the house and on a date. Too often, long relationships think that they are ?past? that, so they settle into a dull life of staying at home. When you were first dating, you went to the movies and out to eat ? why not try to do that more now? Sure, you won?t be able to do it every week, but if you try, you will both have something to look forward to.

Stop your thinking

Many times, a woman can become frustrated by everything that she is handling, especially when she?s a mom as well as a career woman. When this happens, you might feel as though you could scream at your partner for not being helpful enough, romantic enough, etc. But is this really going to reconnect your relationship? It can help to stop your thinking for a few seconds before you share these kinds of feelings. You might find that you?re actually feeling something else that?s not directed at him.

Put the spotlight on him

When you take the time to do something special for someone else, you will reap the benefits of feeling closer to them as well. Something as simple as packing a lunch or writing a love note in their wallet can be a great way to help your partner know that you care. Everyone likes to feel special.

When you can?t get away

It?s time to be creative if you?re unable to get away from the house. Maybe you can create date night at home, or work together on some goals that you?ve wanted to accomplish. Play board games ? do whatever you both like to do together. If you have a home remodeling project, don?t leave it just for him, do it together to get more couple time.

Getting out of town

One of the best ways to reconnect as a couple is to head out of the house for a few days. There are numerous bed and breakfasts that you can visit for only a small expense. You don?t even have to leave the room if you don?t want to, but the time away from your normal distractions can help you get back in tune with what your relationship needs.


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