7 Benefit of Teeth Whitening

If you are reading this you might be interested in teeth whitening. Today it has become a necessary in men or women for personality enhancement. Below I have listed many positive

If you are reading this you might be interested in teeth whitening. Today it has become a necessary in men or women for personality enhancement. Below I have listed many positive benefit of having white teeth you should check them out.

White teeth’s gives more confidence: We now live in selphy world your friends, colleague or relative often invite you to be with them in their selphy but if you don’t have white teeth you often shy away from being shot or even worst you might end up hurting others feelings by saying “no”. Things go differently when you have white teeth you can now pose with more confidence than before so it makes sense to invest in getting your teeth glowing.

More youthful look: When we age we go through lots of things wrinkles and fines lines become visible our aging also affect teeth as it start losing its white shine just look at the children specially the new born they have crystal clear shiny teeth since they are young eventually with age it’s not going to look the same so white teeth are the sighs of being more younger. It also diverts attention from wrinkles and fines lines by overshadowing them.

It’s not expensive: The biggest excuse we give when we try to look younger is that it requires you to spend huge sum of money in plastic surgery often start with thousands of dollars and there are so many important expenditure that spending on looks doesn’t seems to be that important but teeth whitening upgrade takes only few dollars 10-30$ each month if you can afford to spend these small chunks of dollars you can get good and shiny teeth. Looking at the cost and benefit we clearly see that benefit weigh more than the cost.

Enhancing your looks: We love great smile especially if we have great teeth. White teeth will help you get the cutest smile and there are many girls who will love them. Just look at some of the handsome actors they all have one thing common apart from their looks they have a charming smile. A good looking smile also kicks up your personality and overall confidence with more confidence you will speak up your thought more strongly and impress others.

Good for Your Career: According to American dental association 74% people said that unattractive smile will get negative impact on the job interview. When the recruiter takes interview they often focus more on your body language personality rather then what you are answering. The answers can be memorized but to bring the personality one has to work on. The study conducted by many dental associations upon many HR seniors and most of them agreed that good smile makes them feel trustworthy. So if you are not able to impress your bosses maybe you should work on your smile.

Teeth Whitening Will Damage Teeth: I don’t know who the hell has started it but this myth is popular that teeth whitening products damages your teeth let me make this clear our teeth are naturally yellow from inside the outer layer called enamel is the one which is white so when this outer layer get damaged the yellowish part get visible which makes your teeth looks yellow instead of white. Temporarily when you eat something which is bad for your teeth like food with rich in sugar content, tea or coffee its leaves stain which also creates yellowish effect if this stain is not removed permanent damage to the enamel can occur the teeth whitening products just remove these stain and revers the process which makes your teeth whiter so as you can see there is nothing internal work is done in the process. So it’s a completely safe process.

Keep you stress free: When you have good teeth it’s a human nature to show our good things so you will notice you will start smiling more just like when you go to gym and have great biceps you often find yourself finding many stupid reason to show your new body. Smiling has many positive effect on your mental health when you smile more gradually it will freshen up your mood. The good thing about smiling is that it reciprocates when you greet others with a smile they will smile you back it really feels great to see so many smiling faces at the end of the day. Even fake smiles works great if you are bad mood just try to make smiling faces you will notice a huge difference in your mood.