If you are Unable to Start Norton. Read This

Norton is an important program that maintains the security of your devices from the virus and malicious threats. It offers end-to-end protection for best security. Norton is a multi-tasking software and hence it is important that it works properly on your device. Though Norton has top of the line features and works smoothly on every platform system at many often users find it frozen at a point and unable to start on their system. This issues can take your breath away as Norton handles the major aspect i.ee security of your device. So, to avoid any inconvenience while using the product call Norton Phone Number.

Norton Tech Support Phone Number

Norton is usually used by professionals for high-end protection for the web of devices, but sometimes Norton stops its functioning and such situation is enough for a severe heartache. If your Norton product is not working, you need to find what is causing the issue. There are several reasons which can prevent you from using Norton, some of them are as follows:

  • More than one security programs on your device.
  • The outdated Norton versions.
  • The non-compatible drivers.
  • Norton demands up-gradation.

To resolve this issues, use the given below method of recovery:


Reboot your device:

  • Quit other programs running in the background.
  • Restart your devices.
  • Try using Norton gain.

Method 2:

Uninstall the Norton and Norton Family:

  • First of all, remove Norton Family.
  • Use the Norton Remove and Re-install tool for one step deletion or go to Start button and search for Control panel.
  • Under Control panel, click on the Uninstall programs and choose Norton from the list of programs.
  • If using the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool, use the given steps:


  • Press Ctrl+J in order to open Download window.
  • Click twice on NRnR
  • Click Agree on the license agreement.
  • Select Remove and Reinstall.
  • Now follow Continue>>Remove
  • Reboot your device.
  • Now follow the prompts to re-install the Norton product.

If you are not comfortable with above-mentioned methods and the problem you are facing is getting severe with the passing of time, you must connect yourself with Norton Helpline Number.

Norton Tech Support is something you need to learn at your fingertips when you feel something annoying with your antivirus suite. Avoid trying random tricks as Norton is a sensitive utility and all your data and device security depend upon this single product. Call experts to avoid the inconvenience of all sorts.

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