Chapter 86
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Cronus - Transfer all the people of the Titans to the earth? Do you really think that's possible? with so little time remaining? Look ... one more flame went out ... what one must do in a desperate situation like this ... is not to save lives …
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Cronus - but rather take lives. This is what I like to do! Megas Drepanon.
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Cronus - Did you ... dodge ?! Even without seeing the trajectory of my fist ?! How did you do it ?! Megas drepanon surpasses the speed of light ... and he dodged it …
Page 4
Cronus - It was not with movements guided by the five senses ... not even by the sixth sense ... it’s a power that surpasses that !! Maybe a seventh sense ?!
Aiolia - Seventh Sense. A Saint ... who receives a blow from the adversary ... never ... falls for it a second time …
Page 5
always .... they surpasses it.
Page 6
Aiolia - I got you !! Here I go. Lightning Bolt.
Cronus - He used the seventh sense to approach me and attack me at point-blank... great ... but …
Page 7
Cronus - If you can do that, it means that I can too. Khaos Hyetos.
What does he mean by that? All the blows hit him, but he did not let go? You know I can shoot in sequence, right? What's the use of holding my hands?
Aiolia - Oh yeah, yeah .... while I'm like this .... you'll be busy with me. It’s the time it takes for my friends to save their people. Until then ... I will not let you go.
Page 8
Aiolia - Go, guys !! Take it off! Everything! From this world! Lightning Plasma.
Milo - Do not talk nonsense! How are we going to leave you here!
Aiolia - Please! If you have any consideration for me ... go and take them all away !! If the mission of the Saints is to save everyone ... saving the people of Titans is also our responsibility !! Please! I promise I'll stop the clock here !! Let's save the world! Our Earth! And the life of every person here! And let's go back home ....
Page 9
Aiolia - all together! I promise! You guys protected my life ... so ... I'll keep my promise!
Page 10
Aiolia - Now, shaka !!

Shaka - Friends .... now it's me who request... grant me your cosmos ...
Aldebaran - Shaka!
Shura - If aiolia trusted us, we should trust him too.
Camus - If we do not believe him, who else will believe?
Milo - I trust you! Try to get back home, you hear ?!
Aiolia - No ... do not come here !!
Page 11
Aiolia - Wait for me at home .... Lithos. I swear I'm coming back ... but how do I know where to go back ... if you're not there to meet me?
Page 12
Lithos - Yes, I'll be waiting. I trust you and I'll be waiting.
Aiolia- See if you can find a very sunny place to wait for me ... that I find you there.
Page 14
Cronus - How beautiful ... then this .... is the brightness of the life of these people ... is rising to the earth, where the sun beats ... how beautiful ... it looks like outer space... beautiful. …
Page 15
Cronus - It would have been much nicer if all these stars had all vanished. Because the darkness of night is warm and melancholy ... and so comforting … I will give such a dark sky to all these lives.
Aiolia - Many of those sparkles in space ... are just the chink of stars that have died. But the brilliance of them continues, illuminating us. And I think dead people do the same. They are there, looking at the living. The stars, still silent, serve to show us ... that there is a light that comes ... from the hope.
Page 16
Aiolia - A person is never alone ... even without being present, the people who walked with us will always be there, illuminating our road, in the form of light. And that... I believe.
Cronus - But only you and me in this ruined land ... and soon, it’ll will be just me.
Aiolia - You are wrong....
Page 17
Aiolia - You will have to choose. We will return to the surface. Or we'll both fall into the Tartarus.
Cronus - You say both ... you mean you want to make a deal with me?
Aiolia - What I want is that we can all live together, in peace, on earth.
Cronus - Looks like fun! But ... I'll have to refuse! For I am the god that reaps life. There is no way I can live with others.
Page 18
Cronus - I am God ..... and I do not receive orders from humans. Khaos Hyetos.
Aiolia - Added to Khaos Hyetos the force of megas drepanon ... to use again with dimensional transport ?!
Cronus - They don’t fall for the same blow twice. These are the Saints, right? So.....
Page 19
Cronus - How about a new attack, for a change? The great divine force- Dunamis Megas Drepanon. it will ... this blow ... it will be the last one and it will kill him.

Aiolia- That may come reach me. But I will not fall. Because I promised hyperion .... I would not ... kill you …
Page 20
My blow will only be to defeat you .... and also …
Page 21
Aiolia - the last blow to finally put ... an end ... in this long battle.
Page 22
Both - It's time for you ... 

Cronus - Kill

Aiolia - Defeat