Have you at any point been asked "Extravagant a VFC?", or ended up in a YFC at 2am? KFC's impersonations can be found in many towns and urban communities. In a roundabout way, they've gotten one of its most dominant advertising apparatuses, with seared chicken shops edgy to make the degrees of progress that KFC has overseen.


It's obvious that KFC has now chosen to play on this in its most recent battle, where we take a Wild West-themed ride through "Chicken Town".

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Overpowered by the horde of impersonations, plainly the driver of the cherry red Lincoln Continental isn't going to be enticed by any of the impersonations on appear.


In this Campaign of the Week, we'll investigate both the print and My KFC experience survey video promotions that make up KFC's "Chicken Town" battle. As we'll see, after the significant hiccup that was KFC's chicken lack back toward the beginning of 2018, this crusade speaks to a move that is being reproduced in different pieces of KFC's system.


In the wake of seeing the print promotions, the level of impersonation that KFC battles with is placed into strikingly clear terms. Shoppers will be made to mull over whether they'll pick the impersonation or the first at whatever point they next get a hankering for singed chicken.


In spite of a slight quality of haughtiness in this battle, the shy clarification of "Folks, we're complimented" adds a milder edge to what could be seen as a clearly glad crusade on KFC's part.


As a matter of fact, however, it's hard to reprimand KFC for using the 100s, if not 1000s, of duplicates that they need to rival as their very own major aspect battle.