Rules of Omaha 8 or Better

On of the most popular online poker games to play is Omaha. There are a few versions of it but the true "grinders" prefer "8 or better" variant.


Omaha 8 or Better (you also know it as Omaha Hi/lo) is one of the popular poker games in the online world. This popular game is in two types:

  • Limit Omaha 8 or Better (with a  definite specific limit of bets in every game and on each round of betting)
  • Pot Limit Omaha 8 or Better (when a player can bet what is in the pot)

In this gambling game a dealer-button is used to indicate the theoretical dealer of each hand. After current hand is completed, the button moves to the next active player clockwise. This player is considered as "the dealer" for current hand. Players usually use a single deck of cards to play a hand of poker. A deck refers to 52 cards excluding the jokers.

If the active pot is $200 and the first player to act in the round bets $150 and the next player calls $150, the third player has a maximum eligible total bet of $800. The $800 total is made up of the $150 call and $650 raise.

The $650 max raise portion is equal to the pot of $200 + first player's $150 + second player's $150 + his own call of $150.


The game is as I said - pretty nuts! There are many ups and downs and pretty much till all the  cards are not down on the table you are not gonna know if you win or loose (or BOTH!:)) . An useful tool to have on hand when playing is a poker HUD tracker - to get familiar with what a poker HUD is read this post on LAWEEKLY and pick the HUD you will need according to your style of play and on which website you play the most.


Omaha is a wonderful yet crazy game guys, it's not for the faint at heart and I definitely do NOT recommended it to newbs. 😀


Poker is not the game of luck. Those who do not realize this, never become good players and their loss percentage always remains higher than the winning percentage. "Poker is the game of skill", said David Sklansky. And that is particularly true. A good player can win with almost any hand while the bad one will often lose holding the nuts.

But how can one become a really good poker player? Of course he or she should practice a lot. But not to lose too much money while practicing it is very useful to read poker hints. Poker hints are written for those who are already familiar with basic poker rules and want to perfect their skills. The most interesting poker hints are those given by the famous winning players. Do not listen to the advices of those who do not know how to win themselves. Sometimes it is very useful to read mathematically approved poker hints, written by poker theorists. But do not overload your head with this stuff because poker is mainly the game of people.

So learn more and improve your poker skills by the follies of others.