Summer Wardrobe Hacks - How to Save Money On Your Summer Style 

We’ve all been there, the hot summer weather suddenly hit and your wardrobe just isn't prepared. You find yourself digging to the back of your wardrobe and wondering what you possibly wore all of last summer. But before you start to panic buy, it is worth taking the time to consider what you really need. Buying ten bikinis just isn’t practical when your going on a city break (even if they are pretty). So, get your wardrobe summer ready without breaking the bank with these four summer style hacks. 


summer 1.jpeg


Make your own 

Don’t have the money to splash on a whole new wardrobe for this season? No problem, make some of the items. Luckily, summer clothes are the easiest to D.I.Y, mostly because they require the least material. Every summer I invest in some cheap oversized t-shirt and simply cut them into the style I want. It’s super easy, just check out the multitude of  youtube tutorials available at your disposal. For an amazingly easy tutorial on creating a D.I.Y halter top out of a t-shirt, click here.  


Shop The Sales

Summer is the time to show off all your best outfits - it is the only season that you don’t have to hide your looks behind a massive coat. Not to mention all of the new summer clothing in stores are so appealing. So, of course you’ll want to invest in some new seasonal pieces and when doing so -  the sales become your best friend. Shop the sale sections of all major clothing retailers or visit discount sites such as Discount Promo Codes to get the latest summer picks from shops such as Boohoo, Missguided, Debenhams and many more, at fractions of the price. 


Charity Shops

I cannot express enough how amazing charity if you're looking to save money. So many dismiss charity shops, labelling them for old people only, but that’s just not the case anymore. Some of my favourite ever pieces of clothing I have bought from charity shops. Plus, at these amazing prices, you can invest in multiple new items without feeling guilty! For more on how to nail charity shop shopping and get the best possible bargains click here. 


Capsule Wardrobe 

When buying new items, especially when they are season specific, it is vital that you invest wisely. This means only buying the pieces that you really, really need. This may sound difficult and granted, we’re all guilty of an impulse buy but it is really a lot simpler than you think. To begin, identify your summer wardrobe necessities and make sure that prioritise quality over quantity. The key to the perfect is ensuring - when starting out buying in a neutral colour palette, it’s the simplest way to ensure that all of your capsule pieces can be worn together. By limiting your impulse purchases and investing in a few key summer pieces, you will dramatically save on your clothing and free up more money for holiday spending!  For more on how to build your summer capsule wardrobe from a few simple pieces check out this article.