How to make milk powder After reading this article you will understand

Stirring with a spoon or shaking vigorously up and down

Hazards: This will cause the milk to produce a large number obb奶粉f bubbles, and Darling drink milk containing bubbles, gas easy to burp and spit out the milk.

Health: After adding water and milk powder in proportion, put on t奶粉比較he nipple, use both hands to change the palm for clamping the bottle and roll back and forth between the horizontal development direction.

Change milk powder like changing clothes

Hazards: Whether from one brand to another, or the same brand by a 母乳餵哺developmental stage can be changed to another important stage, this work process is called transferring milk, which is prone to cause gastrointestinal discomfort in Chinese babies.

Health: Early transfer of milk, it is necessary to mix the two milk formulas. First add 1/3 of the new formula to the old formula, and after 2-3 days if there is no discomfort, then eat 1/2 of the old formula and the new formula for 2-3 days, and finally mix 2/3 and the new formula for 2-3 days. Gradually transition to take full advantage of the new formula. No new complementary foods should be added on the day of transfer and it is not applicable to transfer after infant illness (cold, fever, etc.) and vaccination.

Boil the cold formula before consumption

Hazards: When the formulated formula is boiled again, the structure of proteins, vitamins and other nutrients will be changed and the original nutritional value will be lost.

Health: brewed milk powder in the case of uneaten, room temperature products stored we can not have no more than 2 hours; if placed in a refrigerator for freezing, it can not be used for more than 24 hours. The formula that is not finished during the short working time becomes cold, you can put the bottle in which the formula is assembled into a container with hot water to warm the action.

How to choose the right formula for your baby

Many baby mothers after drinking milk powder will appear milk powder partly insoluble, hanging wall, baby drinks easy constipation, bloating problems, in addition to pay attention to the above aspects also pay attention to the formula. Good quality milk powder is delicate, natural in color, easy to dissolve when prepared, no lumps, no hanging wall after preparation, and no stomach discomfort for babies to drink.

Among all animal milk, goat's milk is the closest to breast milk. When breast milk is insufficient or not available, goat milk is the most ideal alternative food for babies. Goat milk powder meets the national standard. The specially added algae oil DHA and ARA can promote the development of baby's brain and retina and improve intelligence. It contains 10 elements of vitamins and 12 elements of minerals, which can promote body absorption in a balanced way. Contains nucleotides, which are important for maintaining a normal immune system and can effectively take care of your baby's healthy and happy growth.

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