It is very important to choose a good dental implant. By implant is a method with strict implementation process, which requires dental implementation must meet many factors: modern equipment, the types of implants used must be genuine, a team of highly specialized doctors ...


When considering to choose a good, quality and prestigious Implant dental center, you should evaluate on the following criteria:



Operating license


All reputable dental facilities will have an operating license issued by the Department of Health, along with the certificates and qualifications of doctors must be public on the Website. You should prioritize choosing a dentist with all the above documents, to be more assured of the quality of service. If a dentist operates without a license, then you should not trust it.

Qualifications of doctors


Dental implants are complex dental techniques. Requires doctors to perform well skilled, to be able to place Implant pillar in the jaw correctly and restoring porcelain teeth fit standard. Therefore, the doctor working at the dental clinic must have a professional degree in the field of Implant.


Besides, the implant technique and the experience of the doctor will greatly determine whether the implant will remain in the jaw bone for a lifetime.




Besides a team of highly qualified doctors and nurses, the factors of facilities when choosing implant addresses are also very important.

A quality dentistry must have a specialized treatment room system and all medical equipment must be absolutely sterile, in accordance with the standards of aseptic procedures of the Ministry of Health.


In addition, dentistry must be equipped with the most modern machinery, which helps to accurately diagnose patients' loss of teeth and jawbone. This ensures that the process of implantation is successful and the implant is firmly integrated into the jawbone.


Dedication to customers


Reputable Implant address needs a customer care team before, during, and after using the service. To be able to listen, answer questions as well as inform the patient quickly, clearly and accurately.




The transparent and clear price list of dental treatment services will help customers easily select the services as well as prepare financial resources accordingly.

Currently, there are many dentists advertising cheap implant plug services, only a few million a pill but the true quality of these types of pillars is very worrying. By 1 tooth Implant, including: Implant cylinder, abutment and crowns can not be too cheap.


Therefore, you need to be wary of these cheap offers.


Customer Feedback


When learning about customer feedback with dentistry, it will make it easier for you to assess the quality of the service and choose where the dental implant is good.

However, not all dentists are considered by many to be suitable for you. Usually, you need to consider choosing a dentistry with Implant procedure, time, price ... suitable for your oral condition.

If you are interested in where the best dental implant address is and still do not know what type of implant is right for you, you are worried about the price and how long the implant should take to visit the dentist's office. I-DENT Department for doctor examination, CT scan 3D and 100% free consultation.


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