How To Purchase The Best Used Car

The purchase of a cars for sale will not only reduce the cost of depreciation, but it can also put your desired car within reach. We can help you find the perfect used car for the right price.

A used car purchase can offer you the opportunity to save big on a brand new vehicle or trade it in to get a better price.

There are often lots of high-quality, reliable used vehicles available and you don't need to be concerned about any aspect. You can usually take the car away as soon as the deal is closed.

Keep reading to find out the pros and cons of buying an older car that is equipped with car finance, the things to look out for when evaluating an used car, and how you can save money. If you're thinking of purchasing an electric vehicle, we have highlighted some concerns.

Do you think it is worth purchasing an used car that has car finance?

A used car is the best way to save money on a vehicle that comes with car finance. If you're cautious and don't spend too much money on it, you'll be able to find a reliable vehicle. We can help you in this. There are a few things you need to be aware of.

The car is deprecated

When a new car is first registered, it loses a lot of its value. A new car could be worth as little as 50% of its original value within three years - a nightmare for the first owner however, a boon for buyers of used cars.

Increased risk of problems

A used car purchase is also risky since it's hard to know how well it's been looked after and whether it has a secret past - read more about both below.

It is easy to determine which vehicles are the most dependable as they age with our exclusive annual survey of tens of thousands of drivers uncovers the most reliable cars.

Is it the best idea to purchase an electric vehicle that is used?

An electric vehicle (EV) as with a petrol or diesel car is worth less as they age. This makes the earliest models, such as the Peugeot iOn, Renault Fluence and the first-generation Nissan Leaf - very tempting indeed, particularly when compared with the rather expensive list prices of the current generation models.

Consider your needs carefully Be aware that used electric vehicles have unique problems to consider. For instance, those contemplating buying an EV frequently have concerns regarding driving ranges.

Even when they were new, many early models didn't have particularly good driving ranges and this won't be changed as they get older. Some very early cars such as the Fluence aren't equipped with fast charging capabilities.

A lease on a battery may be an option if you're contemplating an older Nissan Leaf or Renault Zoe model. This was originally offered to lower the cost of purchasing.

Electric car battery capacity in the course of time

Our most recent study* of electric vehicles that are used which is based on over a thousand electric car owners has revealed a very slight but noticeable decrease in the usable battery capacity for older electric cars:

98% Battery capacity - Electric cars up to 3 years old

92% Battery capacity - Electric cars for 7 years

As we accumulate more information as we collect more data, we will be monitoring the decline of battery. Although an 8 percentage point decrease in the usable range over a period of six years could not be a major issue however, it's worth thinking about if you're looking at a used electric car or want to keep it for the long-term. But, if your car still has a decent range for your needs, it's likely to cause any problems.