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Judicial Watch Update -  April 12,2019


Beyond the Russia-gate Scandal, Tom Fitton revealed another important reason why organized screening of immigrants is vital the national security.


How the Federal Reserve Subsidizes Mexican Drug and Trafficking Cartels 

TOM FITTON - Judicial Watch: (VIDEO Segment)    

Under the 2005 program, Directo a México, the Federal Reserve (FED) facilitated cash transfers (remittance payments) amounting to over $33 Billion from illegal aliens to Mexico in 2018, alone.

Since lllegals cannot lawfully work in the US, many resort to fraud, prostitution, drug trafficking and other criminal activity.  Illegals working in the organized crime drug trade (ie MS13) succeed in sending millions of US dollars to Mexico to fund and perpetuate illegal drug sales in the US.

Since there is no requirement for proof of citizenship the Federal Reserve's transfer of US dollars to Mexico effectively subsidizes illegal trade in drugs, human trafficking and other illegal activity.

Furthermore, US dollars gained by illegal aliens steals the wealth of US citizens by avoiding IRS taxes and adding to the financial burden of the US healthcare and judicial systems. 


Directo a México is a program launched in 2005 and operated by the Federal Reserve and Banco de Mexico, the central banks of the United States and Mexico, respectively. The program allows commercial banks and credit unions in the U.S. to transfer money through FedACH, the Federal Reserve's clearinghouse, which is linked to Banco de Mexico. (Source)


Page HRC-1519 from documents received by Judicial Watch demonstrating a plan to coverup Hillary's email scandal.

Download the Complete PDF Here


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