Living.Fit Battle Ropes Advanced 2 Day Certification

The recent attendants of the Living.Fit Battle Ropes Certifications, continue to talk about getting way more than they expected once the two-day education epic event is over, and they quickly realize there is even more education within the methodologies of battle ropes and metabolic programming.

When most attendants sign up, they expect an encyclopedia of battle rope exercises that they can use to train and impress themselves, their clients, and their followers on social media. Yet, they are all in for a surprise, because what they learn gives them an infinite number of exercises with the battle ropes and even all the other tools in the gym and at home.

Each participant learns programming principles, movement variations, and ways to leverage force and power output to create any transformation that is physiologically possible. (Not to mention the psychological advantages and stories that will resonate with them for the rest of their life!)

The Battle Rope is an effective tool for improving stability, movement, power, strength, and endurance, but it is what is behind the transformative methods of the battle rope that make this 2-day certification stand alone in its education.

Starting with the way this certification can easily break down complex physics, and adaptation processes into manageable chunks that the participant can then easily put into action the very next hour. Next, Aaron Guyett talks through all the benefits and system complexity of metabolic pathways and battle ropes training, making it easy to understand and implement. Through story and practical application, this normally dry subject matter is no longer like a foreign language or something you memorize for a test and then brain dump shortly after.

Because the Living.Fit certification incorporates story—the complex ideas, concepts, science, and principles that are taught during the 2 days—the education is easily digested and retained for the rest of the participants life.

These stories carry with them the ability to invigorate the least motivated of people, let alone the lifelong learners that tend to get certified in this incredible education from Living.Fit.

When you are done with the Living.Fit Battle Ropes Advanced 2 Day Certification, you will be unstoppable in work, home, and play.

Every person leaves the 2 day adventure indelibly transformed to improve their own life, and the lives of countless others.

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