How to Get into Medical Sales

How to Get into Medical Sales/ Break into a 6-figure Medical Device Sales Career 


Are you looking forward to a career in medical sales? Medical device sales representatives are highly demanded to make it a rewarding and lucrative career. It is important to understand how you can get into this position without experience. Just like other jobs, you have to make an effort to let employees know you exist. Here are tips on how you can network yourself into this B2B position.


Job boards
The internet is filled with various job boards focusing on medical device and pharma jobs. These might charge a small monthly fee with an option to stop your subscription after securing your dream position. Job positions here can be filtered by state and level to allow you to spend less time on the search. Filtering the positions by state makes it possible to select where you want to live while working.


You can opt for a position in your state or decide to find another state, and you will have to move to take up the position. Filtering jobs by level of entry makes it easy to choose a position to suit your competencies. Searching for medical sales rep jobs online is convenient and cheaper. Some job jobs might even allow creating a profile to allow applying for the position directly on site.




Medical device sales trainers
A position in medical device sales will bring out your capabilities while positioning you for success and career growth. Fortunately, you can learn how to get into medical sales by investing in a medical sales representative training course. Apart from being cheaper than raining colleges, the course will teach you a lot to help you become successful in this field. These might include teaching you how to write a powerful resume, ace an interview with confidence, and securing a dream position in medical device sales.


You study, this course is online based, and you can access it on your laptop or mobile device. The training comes in a 9 module step-by-step approach to help you reach the top in the medical sales field. You can as well get a one-on-one coaching session is a highly trained and experienced medical sales recruiter. This can help you formulate your winning strategy after being inspired. The best thing is that you can be added to the agency’s talent database on completion of training. This significantly increases your chances of getting hired.


This is a wonderful platform for any professional to build a presence online. It requires creating a stellar profile where connects can recommend you for particular skills. You have to include professional headshot for your profile. Additionally, take time building an eye-catching headline while regularly updating your qualifications and experiences on the timeline. You can even include some testimonials and publications.


Fortunately, LinkedIn has a job board where you can see whether you have any connections working for a company that just posted a job. You can also see old childhood friends or neighbors to help you get past the first job screening. This platform is always swarming with medical device sales recruiters who might reach out to you in case they like your profile. Alternatively, you can apply for a position that interests you or cold-pitch the hiring manager of a great company you would like to work with.




Facebook and Twitter
These social platforms are for more than getting likes and retweets. You are definitely losing many opportunities if you don’t use them to find your dream job in medical device sales. Mind what you post or tweet, since employers now can check out your social media profile. Additionally, there are various groups with similar interest from where a recruiter might post a position available. You can also research about many wonderful companies you have always wanted to work for by checking out their Facebook page with the company contact details. You can use these details to cold pitch the company hiring manager.


Attending conferences and seminars
You can also get your way into medical device sales Academy by going to meetings with people of similar interest. Seminars and conferences are wonderful places to meet other novice sales reps, company recruiters, and potential clients. You can also meet business owners who could use your service. Ensure to interact in the best way possible during the meeting to let others know you are available for hire. Ensure to attend many conferences and seminars as you can until you land your dream position. During the meetup, ensure to collect business cards and follow up afterward.



Final thoughts
A career in medical device sales is very fulfilling and rewarding. Getting your way into a position as a medical sales rep requires making all networking opportunities in the best way possible. The easiest option is investing in a medical device sales training course that you can complete online at a pocket-friendly price compared to college. You can back this course with one-on-one training by a professional and highly experienced medical sales executive.