Tips To Moderate A “Live” Broadcast





When transmitting an event or activity of an organization "live", we can choose between different platforms and / or tools. After choosing the platform that best suits the target audience of the organization, it is advisable to assign FOIWE live stream moderation to the live chat session.  Live stream moderation should be a person in charge exclusively of the chat for the events or activities of greater traffic.

Below I will mention some recommendations on the activities that FOIWE live stream moderation should develop in “live” broadcasts:

  • Prior to the event:
  1. The content moderation company should familiarize himself with the contents to be developed in the event.
  2. Live stream moderation will design a draft of questions and answers that can facilitate the development of “live”
  3. Log in advance and perform audio and image tests.
  4. If the transmission will be made from a telephone, Wi-Fi must be used in Airplane Mode, to avoid interference from calls, messages, notifications and alarms during transmission.
  5. Give the Welcome Message, make an outline regarding the activity or event and present briefly to the speakers and collaborators. Remember the use of hash tag and format to ask questions.
  6. Greet viewers as they join the session.
  7. Periodically remind viewers that they can ask questions or express their doubts regarding the broadcast following the format.
  8. Encourage participation, you can ask questions to offer participants the opportunity to interact at different times
  9. Block words or links that contain some improper information for the purpose of the event.
  10. Manage spam messages as long messages, all uppercase or identical messages (messages sent several times by the same viewer)
  11. Enable slow mode, this in order to allow better management of the overall chat flow.
  12. It is appropriate to remember from time to time the name of the reporter and the topic he is carrying out, in order to provide this information to those who join the transmission.
  13. The recognition and appointment of the people who made this event possible is important.
  14. Check the transmission metrics periodically as well as the reactions during the “live” to be able to change the strategy as a chat moderator or immediately address the problems presented.
  15. Thank everyone for their participation; recommend subscribing to the YouTube channel and share.

It is important that the content moderation company maintain the balance of the talk and express himself clearly and precisely, in addition, it is advisable once the transmission is completed to present a report on the reactions of the spectators.