Get the flooring done according to your preference from Dricore

Dircore is a leading company dealing with subfloor system solutions since the mid-1990s in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Bob Smith, a former Kruger employee, was facing moisture problems in his basement. Before which he thought of ways to prevent those problems and came out with certain pocket-friendly and reliable solutions to fix them.


Soon the company got a reputation and a firm customer base with their positive approach towards the problems. It is proudly serving its customers from the day the company started. Installation of Flooring is made more accessible with Dricore's 25+ years of experience. Suppose you are facing problems with your flooring or have cracks in the wall. Well, Dricore can be an affordable solution for you. They have various ranges of products for all kinds of repairing. They provide products like


  • DRICORE Subfloor
  • DRICORE Subfloor R+
  • DRICORE PRO™ Concrete Repair, and many more.


The basic problems that people see in their homes are moisture, mould, water leaks. Dricore provides air gap technology to cope up with these problems. They provide soft finish flooring for the against rough and tough concrete. You can be assured as Dricore offers 25 years of warranty against all of its products and services. Because of these today this company is flourishing more and more.


Smith brought these products because, at the very beginning, he was facing problems in his basement. Dricore provides easy, economical at-home floating floor installation. Their wall finishing product is specialized for basements. It provides a fast drywall installation to prevent moisture from ruining the decorum of the cellar.

In a subfloor, the Dricore product has the highest insulating capacity. It's made of 100 percent inorganic EPS foam, which is light and doesn't require power equipment to cut, making installation even more accessible. Their products help in improving the inside air quality of a basement. Their experts make level flooring a child play with utmost quality; they provide a fast service with years of warranty.


When it comes to repairing the dents of the basement, people tend to ignore it. Because their perception towards basement is like a storage room having enough space to keep their stuff, plus another reason is the cost of repairing. No need to worry! Dricore has the most affordable range in transforming your basement. Their products are reliable, fast-installation, a more significant outcome with many extra benefits that many cannot provide.


If you are having any issues in your home or basement, be it dents, cracks, leakage, or other issues. Dricore can provide the best solution to remove such problems too economically. So don't hesitate to get the flooring or any other matters done and live with a new nice-looking house, not only from outside but also from inside, with perfect basement ever.


Dricore aims to satisfy all of its customers with the best services and products they can quickly implement. Get your problems an easy solution and get your flooring, wall-issues a permanent solution at Dricore.