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Grand Solar Minimum More Urgent Than Global Warming

faa8b18f3f8446239f66df885c7dc072.gif3/16/2019 - Giant Blocks of Ice Cover Entire Hay Field in Nebraska (Source)

Global warming is occurring naturally as a consequence of what scientists call an "interglacial period" and has little to do with carbon dioxide (CO2).  In fact, CO2 levels in the atmosphere always lag surface warming by long time delays of up to hundreds of years because the ocean warms more slowly than the atmosphere.

Man-made schemes to lower atmospheric CO2 are destined to fail since the normal process of interglacial warming would release CO2 from the oceans and into the atmosphere even if man did not exist on the planet.  This is why technological adaptation to climate and geological changes is increasingly considered the most practical strategy.  As expected, the United Nations is currently promoting an extreme and costly version of an "adaptation" strategy that does little to solve endangerment of the global food supply - FLOATING ISLANDS

Floating islands is an extreme solution considering sea level rise due to glacier melts is estimated to be only one inch per 100 YEARS

Planetery pollution from volcanoes, wildfires and even black soot emissions from aircraft and ships can accelerate glacial melting when the black carbon settles on ice and snow where the sun provides the heat...not CO2

Unelected officials with profit motives for the Oligarch class are gaming the ignorance of the general public into believing that CO2 is the primary cause of glacial retreats, rising sea levels and increasing surface temps.

The current Holocene interglacial began at the end of the Pleistocene, about 11,700 years ago. The interglacials and glacials coincide with cyclic changes in the Earth's orbit. Three orbital variations contribute to interglacials. The first is a change in the Earth's orbit around the sun, or eccentricity. The second is a shift in the tilt of the Earth's axis, the obliquity. The third is precession, or wobbling motion of Earth's axis. (More)

Climate News For Those Who Believe Global Warming is Caused by CO2

In mid-April, 2019 many plains states experienced record low temps and blizzard conditions (VIDEO 4/12/19) a likely result of the current Grand Solar Minimum (GSM) where the electromagnetic relationship between the sun and earth causes aberrations in the jet streams, cosmic ray penetration, cloud condensation nuclei formation and more. The expected outcome over the next several decades will likely place stress on the global food supply as crop failures increase in countries that normally export food products to countries that don't, or cannot grow their own.

As happened during the low sunspot activity of the Maunder Minimum (1645 to 1715), surface temperatures could stray from colder than normal, to warmer than normal over many latitudes.

With a weakened magnetosphere, a rogue but powerful solar flare is more likely to interfere with fragile electric grids and the communication satellite infrastructure.

Public utilities and alternative energy providers will not inform customers of these imminent hazards until authorized to do so by the Department of Energy and those who control the Orwellian international propaganda media networks of disinformation.

The current politics of corporate profit that promotes the "global warming" and/or "climate change" industry is expected to suppress vital GSM information vital to the interest - and even survival - of the general public across many nations in many languages.

One recommended youtube site is Adapt2030 where David Dubyne presents comprehensive updates on the consequences of the current Grand Solar Minimum.

Study: Glacier melts from 1961 to 2016 have resulted in a sea-level rise of only 27 mm, or about ONE INCH IN 100 YEARS. (Nature)


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