Selling An Intangible Product

Intangible means something that cannot be touched. For our purposes here that points directly to products which need to be downloaded. how to make money online for beginners can include reports, newsletters, eBooks and even some items of software or applications.
Now the advantages of these are very clear – first of all they are all based on information, so if you want to create your own product from scratch it is far easier to do it with
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an intangible and downloadable product than it is to do it any other way.
Secondly you will have the advantage of offering the product instantly. The customer gets access to their copy the second they have paid for it; no waiting for a few days to receive it in the mail. This is a big selling feature and worth bearing in mind.
Thirdly there is a lot less risk in taking on (or creating) an intangible product because you don’t have to shell out any cash to stock it in the first place. If it doesn’t sell you don’t lose anything and you aren’t left with that huge and worrying pile of stock.
A lot of people start off by promoting other people’s downloadable products as affiliates, and then branch off into creating their own once they have explored the market a bit and have more knowledge of how to do it.
So those are your options. Let’s now look at the next step.

This is one of the ways to make money online.