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How To Write A Thesis Statement + Examples - Paperpile

What is a thesis statement? The thesis statement is one of the most important elements of any piece of academic writing. It can be defined as a very brief statement of what the main point or central message of your paper is. Essentially, your are stating what you will be writing about. You can see your thesis statement as an answer to a question. While it also contains the question, it should really give an answer to the question with new information and not just restate or reiterate it. Your thesis statement is part of your introduction. Learn more about how to write a good thesis introduction in our introduction guide. How can you write a good thesis statement? Do not state the obvious. As previously mentioned, your thesis statement should answer a question. What do you think the City of New York should do to reduce traffic congestion? Here is another example.

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How can we end poverty? In this paper, I will argue that introducing universal basic income can help reduce poverty and positively impact the way we work. Is a thesis statement a question? rephrase thesis statement generator is not a question. A statement has to be debatable and prove itself using reasoning and evidence. A question, on the other hand, cannot state anything. It is a great lead into a thesis, but it is not a thesis statement. How do I know if my thesis statement is good? Your statement needs to be provable by evidence. In the example above, you cannot just say that introducing adaptive traffic signals is better than introducing a congestion charge, because you don't like paying tolls. Your thesis statement needs to be precise and short. Do not give away too much information in the thesis statement and do not load it with unnecessary information. You can not just say that one solution is simply right or simply wrong as a matter of fact. You should draw upon verified facts to persuade the reader of your solution, but you cannot just declare something as right or wrong.

When writing a thesis statement ask yourself the following question: “Why would others care about my thesis statement. If you cannot answer this question, you need to rewrite your thesis. Think of the thesis statement as a map. It lets the reader know where you are going. And, it gives you, the writer, direction. Yeah, But How do I Write a Thesis Statement? A thesis statement if declarative, short, concise, and can be defended with evidence. Deciding which college to attend was a complicated process that required researching the college, applying to the college, and enrolling in my chosen classes. Deciding which college to attend. It was a complicated process. 1. Write a thesis statement supporting your opinion. Then, How does My Thesis Statement Work in My Essay? In the introduction paragraph, your thesis statement is one sentence (usually the last), while the rest of your introduction paragraph sets the reader up for your thesis statement.


The points of support in your thesis statement become the topics of your body paragraphs. In the concluding paragraph, you will restate your thesis statement. It is that simple. Your thesis statement really is the glue because it holds your whole paper together! Directions: Identify the thesis statement components in the following thesis statements - the subject, what the author thinks, and the points of support. 1) Sodas should remain an option in our lunchrooms because of their fund-raising importance and because they allow students to begin exercising responsibility and good decision-making. 2) Students should be allowed to carry cell phones at school because they provide students more security, they can be used in emergencies, and they keep parents involved in their children’s school lives. 3) Cell phones should not be allowed at school because of their potential to distract students, to lead to thefts, and to be used for cheating. Now you know how to write an awesome thesis statement! We hope this helped you understand thesis statements and how to use them. Being that your entire paper is centered around your thesis statement, it is vital that you write a solid thesis before tackling your paper.