Personal and home insurance

Each insurance company offers a full-bodied series of proposals designed to protect our life, our work, and our assets through a wide range of products and insurance solutions of various types. One of the most popular insurance contracts is certainly the one relating to cars, motorcycles, mopeds, and other vehicles, which necessarily require a policy to be able to circulate.


This market is structured by various solutions to meet the different needs of use of the vehicle: from the protection of fire and theft to the judicial ones in case of penalties for violation of the traffic code, from those on kilometric pricing designed specifically for those who do not use. the vehicle on a constant and continuous basis to those that favor roadside assistance even when traveling abroad. Then there are the policies related to the protection of one's home, family assets, against damage, theft, and natural disasters which represent a market that is experiencing growing development.


All those solutions created for the protection of the primary good of families belong to this area: from policies created to protect the house from fire and theft, to damage caused by earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters, which provide for a refund in the event of willful misconduct. of the value of the damaged property, or the reconstruction of the house following destruction and economic consideration in the event of theft of an asset.


 Keeping in mind that there are additional solutions to protect the damage that other people may receive in our home, and therefore policies to insure against the behavior of our pet.


Among the insurance policies should be mentioned those protecting the life of the individual that can follow the life of the insured in every phase, perhaps protecting the assistance services, such as medical consultations, but also hospital admissions, and as well home rescue services.