Ad hoc networks are dynamic in nature and they can be formed
when we do not have any communication infrastructure. MANET has
node mobility and it also has limited characteristics like bandwidth,
battery power, storage space and CPU cycle. We assume in MANET
that the various intermediate nodes help in forwarding data packets.
MANET has the property or capability of forming various changing
network topologies without use of any centralized administration.
The main concern or challenge in MANET is to provide better


Know more about SLA security.


The performance and reliability of network in MANET is
disrupted by various attacks [10]. The DOS and DDOS attacks result
in the degradation of genuine use of network resources. The objective
of the study is to be known about various services and how much
it will affect the network functioning or operation. For the purpose
of communication nodes of the network are used for that node
information is required which is always secret [11,12].


This secret or confidential information captured by node always have issue
of security. DDoS (Distributed denial of services) attack is one
of the major threats in the network. DDOS attacks are done in
the network by the attackers by suspending or interrupting the
services of legitimate users. Therefore different methods or
techniques are developed for the security [13]. So an analysis will
be there for these types of DDOS attack, components of DDOS
attack, need for prevention and detection techniques. (MANETs)
permit various mobile hosts without any prefixed infrastructure to
form a communication network which results into high flexibility
but also it brings more challenges in MANET for fighting against


The features of MANET like mobility and redundancy give
new ideas to design detecting and preventing strategy. Sometimes
it was assumed that an attacker node always target specific users
or victims and also if the attacker fails to achieve its target after
a specific amount of time then it will give up. In some defense
strategy, the high redundancy can be used for selecting a secure
node [14]. When a DDOS attack has been find out, the attacker or
malicious traffic will be directed only towards the secure node and
so the node of the victim can work as a normal node, then it can be
expected that the attacker will not continue the attacking process


In mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANET) each and
every node work as a transmitter or router at such devices like
switches, router, gateways total traffic monitoring can be done
in wired networks but it is not possible in ad hoc networks [15].
For these various defensive or preventing schemes like neighbor
monitoring, cluster based or trust building techniques have been
proposed to find out the malicious nodes in the network. The
various resources used by ad-hoc network nodes for monitoring,
detecting, reporting, and diagnosing of malicious activity