Three Card Poker has gained popularity not only because it’s fun, but because it’s also easy to learn. The object of the game is to make the best poker hand possible with only three cards. Not only players can play against the dealer,  but they can also win based on how good their cards are. Players need to decide what type of bets to make, and once the cards are dealt, between calling and folding. There is a tiny element of skill attached to the game as well, although the basic three card poker strategy can be learned in a matter of seconds. Once players know the Three Card Poker hand rankings, which are slightly different than regular Poker, the rest is easy.


The table can accommodate seven players; each position has three spaces marked Ante, Play and Pair Plus directly in front of it. Players can bet the Ante, Pair Plus or both to begin the game. Once bets are in, players and the dealer are dealt three cards, face down. Players view their cards and decide if they believe their hand can beat the dealers. If so, the player makes a Play wager equal to their Ante bet. Players who make the Play wager then place their cards face-down in the play area. If the player does not believe their hand can beat the dealers, they may fold and forfeit the Ante bet. If the player bets the Pair Plus spot and qualifies to win, they may place their cards face-down into the play area. Once all players have made their bets, the dealer turns their cards over and arranges them into the best possible poker hand. The dealer needs a ‘Queen’ high or better to qualify. If the dealer does not qualify, then the player will win even money on the Ante bet and the ‘Play’ bet will be a push. The Pair Plus is an optional bonus bet and pays different odds based on the player’s hand strength. The player will still win their Pair Plus bet if they get a qualifying hand but lose to the dealer.


These days, you can find three card poker games at many online casinos, but you’ll need to observe certain rules when you're playing live. These are in place to ensure the game runs smoothly, and everyone’s happy. There isn’t any special reason to avoid three card poker. It’s at least as good as any other table game out there, and in terms of odds, it’s better than most of them. Rules of three card poker are really easy to learn, 바카라 and 3 card poker odds aren’t bad at all when compared to other choices, so the game definitely has that going for it.