Chapter 71
Page 1
Pontus - You reject me? Who are those weeping and dying? were they the same?
Prometheus - I do not think so. It's about living to protect your loved ones. Protect everyone. Your feelings are very important.
Page 2
Prometheus - those he loves ... his friends ... his king. He does it to protect the future of all of them. Inside his cosmos burns ... he would survive to the end.
Page 3
Aiolia - You defended me and ... but I can not say with pride that I have protected everyone ... but ... I will do my best to comply with this ... you can certainly trust that I will protect them.
My cosmos and my life ....
Page 4
Aiolia - I will give everything of myself. I swear to you.
Page 5
Aiolia - oh! What are theseā€¦.
Page 6
Aiolia - stones that are falling?
Page 8
Aiolia - Lithos!
Page 9
Aiolia - At that moment ... this arm did not reach her ... but this time ... never ...
Page 10
Aiolia - will I part with you again.
Page 11
Lithos - what? Master Aiolia ... am I dreaming ?
Aiolia - I've already arrived ... I feel you waiting.
Page 12
Lithos - I do not think you came for a maid.
Aiolia - I do not think so. The duty of a Saint is to protect ... so I am a Saint. I would not be a good warrior if I could not protect. That's what matters.
Page 13
Aiolia - but I worry that something may happen to you ... that something happens to you and you do not have help ... you will always be safe anywhere and at any time.
Lithos - Yes....