Chapter 87
Page 1
You walk with determination ..... in the deep abyss ... why .... are you doing this?
Page 2
Hades - the meaning of walking .... may not have the slightest meaning. overcoming death .... may have no value.
Page 3
Hades - even if you can reach the land full of light .... you will feel even more suffering ... it is possible that you will lose everything ... and this for just one more chance to come back to life.
keep walking even more ... this courage ... is within your heart?
Page 4
I will not let it end like this !! I will not allow it ... I will not .... ever! No ... I will not allow it!
Page 5
Deathmask - shut up! To allow? will not allow? What you talk about does not make the slightest sense!
Page 6
Deathmask-If you say you will not allow it ... then I'll give myself permission.
Page 7
Deathmask-separation of souls! you do not just reject me ..... you hold a grudge against me ... you hate me !!
Page 8
Deathmask-you abhor me because ... it’s my duty ... to kill each one of you !!
Page 9
blocking of itsukishima shrine ... blocking the routes to itsukishima both concluded.
control of civil recognition .... manipulation of memories ... concluded. evacuation of unconscious civilians from within the island ... will be completed in five minutes.
Page 10
Milo - Let's wait for the evacuation to be completed. and after that, we'll begin to contain that block of ice ... well ... the response they gave us was tremendously large. we can not put off containment. a big answer ... will be ....
Shura - Is it an identification action? will we have to respond with similar power?
Page 11
Hyoga - Are you reacting directly to me? Is it you? my master ... a gigantic cosmos .... it’s an arrogant cold air ... I feel no consciousness coming from within .... and you are controlling your power ....
Page 12
Milo - like an evil god. You are still ... my friendly soul. You could not wake up ... I do not think there's anything destructive about it.
Page 13
Milo - I believe that within you there is a deep benevolence. I, the guardian of the temple of scorpion, the golden Saint, milo of scorpion, I will go forward!
Page 14
Milo - scarlet needle

Shura - It did not work? That is not his true body .... the ice that he is emitting is a violent cosmos, imitating his appearance .... It has no reaction of pain ... and that is why the scarlet needle can not overturn it ?
Page 15
Milo - very well ... crimson concentration !! I'll show it to you!
Hyoga - he is concentrating the light of the scarlet needle on a single point ... and turning it into a destructive power of explosion.
Milo - human power can not be stopped. your limit is pushed to infinity .....
Page 16
Milo - Crimson Stinger. and humans who are pushed to the limit of their lives can perform a miracle!
Page 17
Milo - You know I'm back ... I think we'll meet sometime ...
Shura - any moment will we have a reaction like that again?
Milo - No ... this time it was an especially great and violent reconnaissance work.
Hyoga - as I feared ... it was all my fault.
Deathmask - anything now .... is your fault?
Page 18
Deathmask - Don’t you think you blame yourself unnecessarily? It's not so difficult to understand that you're not the only one who's hurt like that, you idiot!
Shura - death mask!
Deathmask - the reason is that you are attracted to hell, I mean, the beings close to the dead are. if you feel death, you would know that it is a subject that is a dispute between life and death. You then kick death, avoiding falling into an uncontrollable hell ... understood?
Page 19
Deathmask - this is because this girl is originally dead!
Hyoga - damn .... what are you saying ?!
Shura - hang on! mascara of death, if you know something about the "faceless", tell us!
Deathmask - well ... these creatures are under my responsibility. for them to become assassins, they must remove their faces. this does not make sense, because only masochists would. It is absurd to follow this clue .... from the beginning ... these beings have no face.
Page 20
Deathmask - these creatures are the dead that were sealed in the cancer Temple that was inactive. of course they have no face ... because their faces, so far, are buried in the cancer Temple. this girl is perhaps also one of the dead children ... by the generations ancestors of the Cancer Saints.... maybe even by me.
Page 21
Deathmask - thanks to the spell of invocation, the functioning of the Sanctuary stopped and no one knows when it will return to normal. finally the war against the lost world broke out! even though they were dead, they did not surrender ... and became assassins! I could not saddle them again .... and they then formed an alliance with the sanctuary over there. on the condition that they could reclaim their lives again as normal people in the lost world. Will they do it?

but I, as a golden Saint of cancer and guardian of its respective temple ... I can not allow something like that.
Page 22
Deathmask - all the dead must fall into hell! I will have no mercy with anyone!
Hyoga - if this .... is the only method that exists to save natassia, I also will not have the slightest pity. I'll kill you!!