What is the difference between a Japanese massage and a Thai spa?


Regardless, there are significant differences between these two forms of massage and a true Thai massage. While it can't be said to be completely without benefit to the body,hong kong escorts the effects are very limited and they can't bring as many benefits or reach the heights that a pure Thai massage can. Below, we will focus on the real Thai massage.

What is the difference between a Japanese massage and a Thai spa?

1. The actual effect of the massage is different

Japanese massage can promote the expansion of capillaries under the skin, improve the elasticity of the skin, reduce pigmentation, and tighten the skin; promote the tensor reflex and flexion and extension, relieve fatigue; improve the body function, accelerate blood circulation,nuru massage repair the elasticity of capillaries, and prevent the hardening of blood vessels by aging; accelerate the flow of lymph nodes, and improve the body's immune system and so on.

Thai spa can move joints, relieve muscle tissue, improve body flexibility, reduce physical and mental fatigue, accelerate fat decomposition, regulate gastrointestinal functions.

2. Massage method is different

Japanese massage techniques are meticulous and rhythmic, not focusing on shaking skills, but emphasizing the use of pressure and friction skills, especially pressure skills. Pressing is done effectively with the fingertips of the fingers. Reaction force when the body or fingers as a fixed support, make full use of the weight, vertical to the body's core position to apply reaction force. Foot massage stays for 3 to 10 seconds. The foot bath massage is performed on a certain larger area that may be related to certain acupoints in Chinese medicine.

Thai spa is a gradual massage starting from the toes and moving gradually upwards along each part of the body. It is not until the head is massaged that a full set of massage is completed. Thai massage techniques are very comprehensive, covering almost all kinds of positions such as pressing, touching, pulling, kneading and pinching. Mainly includes: point method, kneading, rubbing, chopping and knocking method, stepping on the method, sports joints method and other techniques.

3. Different historical sources

Japanese massage is based on the techniques of Chinese massage, Chinese culture and art have a profound influence on Japan. Japanese massage is the specific use of point Dao techniques, so the main support of Japanese massage is the body's blood vessels, through the body's blood vessels of the three metaphysical spatial movement laws of the body's meridians for the most effective adjustment, so Japanese massage is the easiest, but also a profound massage health care way.

Thai spa originated in the western region of ancient India, the founder was the royal doctor of the King of India, Jivakokumar, who is still regarded as the father of medicine by the Thai people. His knowledge of traditional medicine and massage techniques was brought to Thailand by Buddhists from southern China and brought together by the King of Thailand, who extensively absorbed the valuable lessons of their traditional medicine and massage and inscribed them in natural marble on the inner wall of the veranda of the Temple of the Reclining Buddha in Wat Pho. It also serves as a base for practicing traditional Thai spa. Thai spa is part of Thailand's ancient medical culture, with a history of more than 4,000 years and a profound history. Ancient Thai royalty used it as one of the ways to strengthen their bodies and treat muscle strain.

Another difference between a Thai massage and a Japanese massage is the time it lasts, and it is precisely because of the strength and angles of a Thai massage that it achieves this standard. That is why Thai massage takes at least five days to fully relax the body after the massage, and that is what makes it so amazing.

In addition, a regular Thai massage is operated without verbal communication between the technician and the recipient. With soft music, you are completely relaxed both physically and mentally. Deep serenity and rhythmic pressure on the person being massaged form the core of Thai massage. This is where Thai massage differs greatly from other massages.


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