Such measures promote high-quality development of industrial production

Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province to create a number of "5G + industrial Internet of Things" pilot project, for the release of the company to give effective management of machinery and equipment, manufacturing, power and cnc machined aluminum partsenergy, and strongly promote the company's management to improve.

China's Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industrial Production and Information Technology recently opened to the public announced the "implementation plan on the revitalization of industrial economic operation to promote high-quality industrial development" (hereinafter referred to as "implementation plan"), from the requirements, the current policy and other four levels put forward 16 measures. Professionals stressed that the "Implementation Plan" to problem-oriented and goal-oriented combination of real moves and hard moves, is conducive to the precise connection of the whole industrial chain supply chain management blockage guard point, to further explore the market demand development potential, optimize the investment environment, cultivate the charm of business registration, and promote the development of high quality industrial production.

Ensure smooth circulation system

Industry is the main actor of social economy, and stable industrial production is stable economic development. Wei Qijia, director of the Office of Industrial Economics Research Department of Economic Forecasting of the State Information Center, analyzed to us that at this stage, industrial development is operating steadily, but also facing work pressure, the price of industrial supplies is running high, the middle and upper reaches of the field, private enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises to repair smoothly has not yet been solid, holding back the quality development of industrial production, problems and blockages still exist.

Focus on the problem, the "implementation plan" clearly put forward, connect the blockage point guard point, to ensure the smooth economic cycle of industrial production.

--Deeply carry out energy issues stable price. Promote coal and carbon high-quality production capacity adequately released, improve the level of performance of medium and long-term contracts for coal for power generation and heating organic fertilizer, and promote coal and chemical companies to improve the load rate of power generation. Safeguard the livelihood of the people and key customers with energy requirements. Defer all taxable payments for coal chemical and heating companies for the fourth quarter of 2022.wine course Sound current policies related to double control of energy consumption to ensure effective energy use for industrial development.

--Better stabilization and price stabilization of commodity raw materials. Continuously and closely detect changes in market supply and demand and prices of bulk commodity raw materials industry, make every effort to enhance the sales market of bulk commodity raw materials reasonably provided, and skillfully master the national reserve for market mechanism. Further strengthen the bulk commodity spot period spot trading market control, decisively resist too much speculative rubbing hot spots.

--Maintain smooth supply chain management of the key whole industry chain. Strengthen the operation monitoring of key industries, establish and improve the management mechanism of the whole industry chain supply chain management of seedy problems. Increase the "first set" "the first batch" using the existing policy supportpayment processing company efforts. Focus on new energy vehicles, medical equipment and other fields, the implementation of the field of "1 + N" the whole industry chain supply chain management through the project, to promote the whole industry chain upstream and downstream, large and medium-sized enterprises integration of independent innovation, to promote the whole industry chain supply chain management through the development trend.

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