RailRestro App: The Best Food Delivery in Train App

Looking for ordering food online on a train but don't know which service to trust? Do not worry as there is a great app exclusively made to take good care of your needs regarding Food Delivery in Train. The app is famously named the RailRestro app.


In this article, you will get to know the app's features and elaborate on why you should choose this particular food ordering app during your train journey.


What Makes The RailRestro App Stand Out?


Food delivery in train app by RailRestro comes with a lot of personalised features and will help you carry out the process of (ordering food in train). These features are as follows:


100% safe, and assured food: The food services that the RailRestro offers is beyond appraisal. If you wonder whether the food you order in train is verified from a legitimate source or not, then let you inform that the food partners of the RailRestro are FSSAI-approved. It then becomes apparent that the quality of the food deserves no further explanation and can be trusted.


Moreover, it is a guaranteed service where more than 2000 food partners ensure proper hygiene while handling food and provide delicious dishes at your disposal.


Reach: The service at RailRestro caters to the entire Indian population. Be it Rajdhani Express, Shatabdi Express or Double-decker trains, and you will get your food delivered on your train. You can avail it services both on a train with or without a pantry car. RailRestro services can also be utilised by ordering from more than 450 stations. You will have your food delivered at all major stations across India.


Wide range of Food options: There are several food options to choose from when you book food in train. For instance, you can go for local cuisine or try out your favourite dishes from anywhere in the country. Some examples can be given, like the Veg Deluxe Thali, and Non-veg thali can be booked. If you belong to a Jain community, then there are also choices you can make from the Jain food available. Other meal packs include South Indian thali, Chinese platter, Biryani, Pizza, Milk, Combo meals etc. Also, group food orders are accepted.


Safety Measures during COVID: Considering the pandemic situation, safety and hygiene protocols are maintained by every staff of the RailRestro family. You will be happy to know that the kitchens\' staff and the delivery boy always use gloves, masks and other essential safety measures to provide you with the best service possible. RailRestro takes all your complaints away and provides you with a seamless service every single day.


Multiple payment options: RailRestro offers flexible payment options online and offline. It also offers a cash on delivery option for the ease of many customers.


On-time Delivery: RailRestro is committed to ensuring that all deliveries are made on time and on the specified berth.


Amazing discount on bulk orders: If you're riding in a large group of 10-15 individuals, use RailRestro's "group food order" option to gain exciting discounts and offers. Group travel is now cheap with the food ordering platform, the RailRestro app. So, order more and pay less.


Easy Refund: With a dedicated team of customer support available solely for passengers, RailRestro offers you an easy refund option if you do not want to receive the order and get your money back.


Safe Precaution For Food Delivery In Train During COVID


COVID-19 has elevated consumer awareness of health and safety for relishing food outside the comfort of home. You can get home-like care only with RailRestro.


By Restaurant Partners of RailRestro


  • The health status of all the staff and personnel are checked regularly.
  • Guarantees safe and clean kitchen environment.
  • All Restaurants abide by strict COVID-19 precaution and safety guidelines.
  • All the restaurant staff is mandated to use masks and gloves while preparing food for passengers.
  • Food packets are properly sealed to avoid any foreign substance.


By Delivery Boys of RailRestro


  • Delivery Boys pick up the order from restaurants after washing hands properly and sanitising to ensure no viruses are present on hands.
  • Obligatory use of the ‘Aarogya Setu’ App while delivering food on the train.
  • Contactless food delivery to ensure zero human contact.
  • Wearing protective masks and gloves by the delivery boy is mandatory.
  • Sanitisation of delivery bags after each delivery. This eliminates the possibility of coronavirus on it.


Some Good Points to Book Food in Train


  • High quality freshly prepared food
  • Affordable rates
  • Combo meals
  • Attractive discounts and offers
  • Order birthday cakes
  • Order breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Pure veg food
  • Jain food
  • Non-veg food
  • Order food for large groups
  • Order milk for babies and infants
  • Track your order
  • Amazing healthy and nutritious food options
  • Order pizza in train
  • Order cake in train
  • Local Cuisine
  • Child-Friendly Food on Trains


How to Get the Best Food Delivery in Train



There are 3 easy ways to order food in train. Choose the preferred method to get delicious food in train from RailRestro.


  • RailRestro app
  • RailRestro Site
  • CallRestro Site


To Wrap Up!



COVID-19 has sparked people's curiosity in ordering food online. After reading this article, you might be convinced to install the RailRestro app while you make plans to travel. And even if you aren't, please try the app out for yourself and provide reviews on its performances and services.


Your suggestions or tips are welcome as customer support is the only way to make RailRestro's services better every day. For that particular purpose, customer care is available from 9 a.m - 10 p.m. Your love will keep RailRestro's services going!


Book food in train by RailRestro and quench your hunger!!!