Newborn Sensory Black & White Gift Box Monochrome Gift Box


A special bumper sensory play box in red, white and black colours. This lovely kit is inspired by newborn babies eye and colour recognition development. 🎈 For roughly the first 3 months of life, babies are only able to perceive the distinction between dark and light, and therefore primarily only see in colours of black, white and grey. Our monochrome boxes are designed to provide a combination of items for sensory play that will mesmerise and stimulate your baby’s vision from birth! 🎈 This box includes: 1 Box Bebedou Art Cards high quality thick durable cards 14 designs 1 Baby Book 1 Sensory Scarf various colors 1 Plush Toy pram toy with a soft chime bell 1 Sensory Ribbon toy 10 Bells chime sound The perfect gift for a Newborn