Disco Kaju in Punjab

Many years ago, the owner of Darshan Foods, Sardar Rupinder Singh, in the leadership of his father, Sardar Darshan Singh Ji, taught him to make items and supply kids food from from a very small shop. Today it has become a well-known name * Darshan Foods * in the market.
This includes the hard work of Honorable Rupinder Singh, true loyalty to his work and continuous delivery of the highest quality products in the market.

According to Sardar Rupinder Singh, we have brought valuable items from the treasury of Darshan Foods to the market.

Under the supervision of Rupinder Singh ji, Team of Darshan Foods has always given quality the first priority and following these instructions day by day, Darshan Foods has so far sold more than 100+ quality products as per the market requirement. Delight Snacks like Yofun, Krakoo, Crazy Cone, BhojRam Namkeen, Bake N Bite have left a remark on every person.


Disco kaju


Disco Kaju In Punjab


“It’s the time to say yes to Party all time with Disco Kaju”

When nibbling becomes munchy then appreciate with Disco Kaju Mix masti.

The ideal get-away treat is Disco Kaju Mix! They are a part of the flavorful blend. To numerous eaters appears to be deficient without Disco Kaju Mix.

This Disco Kaju is extraordinarily set up by the Darshan Food for the elderly folks and more youthful and is crunch and extraordinary pungent fiery tea nibble made with sterile fixings. It contains dry natural product Cashews for certain free crisps alongside crunchy snacks. For the individuals who look for little porta particle for suppers, Disco Kaju blend can be the best ally for them.

So this, tasty, fresh and crunchy Disco Kaju Mix is ideal for a nursery party that you can toss in your own space. People love cashews particularly in combinations with a taste of mixed drink and Mocktail which is a particularly encouraging decision. You would not have the option to, have an effect until or except if you plunge into the taste. You can bewilder your guests, Darshan Foods. Disco Kaju blend is the best thought that is should have been served and dressed on the table.

Things don't stop here, you can blessing the crate of Disco Kaju to your loved ones without thinking about any subsequent arrangement or thought. You wouldn't fret making delectable lament. Disco Kaju is accessible in Punjab as well as everywhere.

Disco Kaju in Punjab is certainly not a typical nibble however a special delicacy. It is an unadulterated treat carried with huge loads of enthusiasm and deference that can offer ascent to extraordinary flavors in your bowl. Our little zesty and pungent Disco Kaju is emptying mend and incites flawlessness in ordinary nibbling choices with flavors it stirs your zing.

Best Namkeens distributors in Punjab


“To Taste the Best, You must have the Best.”

Namkeens are a fundamental part of current life in all aspects of India. It would not be an exaggeration to say, Whether it is a common day, or a trip with pals and relatives. Indeed, even on some huge explicit days like weddings, birthday celebrations or commemorations, people keep on enjoying lip-smacking namkeen. The top scope of namkeens are accessible, albeit practically all the urban communities and areas in India have their own center competency of names. Perhaps the most famous name that comes among everything is the Darshan Food. They are viewed as the best merchants of Namkeen altogether over the State of Punjab. There are an enormous number of namkeens accessible in both the classifications Bhoj Ram and Bhujiawala. Moreover, organization is engaged with this portion, along with little suburb retailers. Different varities of Namkeen incorporates Krakoo, Pasta, Malai Sev, Lehsan Sev, Aloo Bhujia, Disco Kaju, Nimbu Sev, Zeera Maska, Chana Dal, Moong Dal, Yo Fun, O Fun, thus numerous other mouth-watering namkeens. These namkeens are simply for the children as well as individuals of each age gathering can appreciate these namkeens with their night tea or can serve it to their guests. Darshan Food is the best the just to reason that determine ,there is no include finished with the nature of the eatables. Simply a little piece of firmness and crunchiness is viewed as tidbits. At the point when your stomach is searching for something to devour, best thing is to store those pressed namkeens. Finding the best ditributor isn't ann simple yet not a troublesome errand. In the event that you are searching for the items which by snare and criminal expansion in your business at that point reach to the Darshan Food for their distinctr assortment of items…Read More