List Of Interesting Children's Activity Books


The old days are gone when the simple coloring books and scant collections of the word were the best children’s activity books. But today with the fast developing world, there is a mammoth choice of imaginative options for all ages. Here are few best children’s activity books for your growing kids.

1. Engineering Activity Book: The best trick to get the kids interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) subjects is to start them young. The best way of making it fun this bumper book provides includes everything from drawing puzzles to mazes to quizzes which all are aimed at getting children thinking about how STEM affects pretty much every area of our lives.

2. Fingerprint Activities: If you have got a kid that likes to get messy, they will definitely love this book that has loads garden scenes to decorate with fingerprint art. The inkpad in this activity book contains plenty of vibrant colors that will last for months provided you keep on replacing the plastic cover after use. Your little kid can even start making their own fingerprint-inspired greeting cards using the ink pad and ideas from the book.

3. Coloring Books: This illustrative book contains over a large collection of the best drawings depicted from the heartwarming tale and original stories which gives an opportunity to your toddlers for painting and coloring as they wish. The designed and the illustrated book helps to give your child an imaginative platform.

4. Round the World Quiz Book: The World Quiz Book contains over five hundred fun and quirky quizzes and activities which include word searches, unscrambling words etc that focuses on the entire planet. This is a great one to get the whole family involved in – especially ones that like a bit of friendly competition.

5. Spot the Difference Activity Book: These books are especially aimed at children aged two and above. This is all-new pre-school book focuses on one of the all-time favorite activities of tiny tots: spot the difference. With a huge collection of different themes relating to things that move on every page, children will have great fun trying to spot the penguin wearing the tux or the crab wearing the boxing glove. This would, on the other hand, gives an additional educational benefit include the counting and color questions. It contains shiny, thick pages.

Best scientific toys for your growing kids

There are a huge collection of scientific toys for kids which will help your kid to grow. It is an inexpensive method of teaching your kids to learn innovative ideas which will help them to grow. The scientific toys are brightly colored with cool textures which would help the child to know more about the surrounding as well as growing interested in the scientific area.

For kids to do science, they need scientific tools. There are a lot of scientific tools which are actually very simple. There are literally dozens of things the kids can use to investigate the world. Kids can use magnifying glasses, thermometers, pH test strips, rulers, tape measures, nets, measuring cups, microscopes, stopwatches, binoculars, telescopes, magnets, weighing scales, and many more tools throughout their scientific inquiry. A lot of companies sell kits full of scientific equipment and experiments for the kids.