Chapter 78

Page 1
Manigoldo - Shit ... this is getting hard. I did not think that this residual image of a god would be a problem! But ..... you are a kind of soul punished, right? I'll blow you up! Wait and see!
Page 2
Manigoldo - Sekishiki konsou ha! Didn’t do anything to him? I don't believe it!
Page 3
Manigoldo - Shion! We need you to come back. Bring that Cloth. Do not get absorbed by it!
Page 4
Impossible! You are.... but ... you were killed in battle!
Avenir -You were deceived, specters. I escaped death. I am the man who lived in the future that you destroyed!
Page 5
Avenir- Starlight Extinction!
Page 6
Hakurei - Avenir! You're attacking them alone! That is unwise, even for a gold!
Avenir - This is nothing ..... trust that I can accept such risks .... after all, my existence in this world is suspicious.
Page 7
Hakurei - Don’t you rather trust others? You could at least try to get to know my companions a little better! After all, everyone is willing to give his life in this holy war, rest assured! Everyone here wants to save the future! Fight with us, come!
Avenir - It's not that I do not trust you. It’s just that….
Page 8
Avenir - As an aries Saint.... guardian of the first Zodiac house... it is assumed that I must be a shield that sacrifices itself for others. And all I want is to fulfill my duty fully! To destroy Hades and his army once and for all in this age!
Page 9
Shion- anger, lament, anxiety, solitude.
The despair that sends ... to a land devastated. These lives, so dear to athena, are brutally mowed down. And also .... the inability to forgive..neither to himself.... nor the emperor of darkness.
Page 10
Avenir - There is no rest until the future is safe !!
Shion - Yes he must regret his resentment. This is here, in the Aries Cloth.
Page 11
Shion - This is the wish!
kairos-You're having fun, right? Shion! The interior of the Cloth and the spectacle that you always wanted to see, right? What did you think of everything? The unfortunate tragic future!
Page 12
Kairos-Then, the curtains of the future, the marionette of time, descended!
Page 13
Shion - What makes you laugh? Do you feel pleasure in tormenting people?
Kairos-Yes, it amuses me. Much more than any game.
Shion - because? Why is one of the gods of time interested in us? Why do you care about the Aries Cloth?
Kairos - You do not get it yet, shion. My goal, is... you obviously.
Page 14
Kairos - You will have become a trigger. Even the largest swirls begin with a single drop. turn, turn, turn. If I leave you alone, you will have dared to grow.
Shion - A whirlwind ....
Kairos - you had become the trigger that had changed the future dramatically! And that's why I must kill you here and now!
Page 15
Kairos - I'll turn you into dust! Real marvelous!
Page 16
Shion - impossible! Is this mighty gold Cloth breaking? The Cloth of the future is ....
Kairos - So, what are you doing, chronos? Tried to screw up my plans by sending this unfortunate aries to the past! All to show the future of this child.
Page 17
Kairos - and to make this piece of people into the man who had become Pope! And avoid the futures of the future ... but… I will not allow it This era gives me a unique opportunity! And that's why I .....
Page 18
Kairos - I'll break this child! Goodbye, Shion! what?! He was not obliterated by the Real marvelous?
Page 19
Kairos - I understand. this is a technique that involves the user and projects it elsewhere. It was a clever idea for your first fight, shion.
Page 20
Shion - Good, it never went away. We are in the world of memories of the future within this urn. This urn must be the only real thing in this place. I have to take this Cloth back to the sanctuary. I will be a saint ....
Page 21
Shion - And I will inherit the last will to come!
Page 22
-what's up?
Manigoldo - Shion's cosmos is full of hatred. This is not right.
-Had he allowed himself to be absorbed?
Manigoldo - His powerful empathy can destroy your own mind! No ..... it really will end ...
Page 23
Kairos - You look different, shion! Now you look like a warrior! You will find eternal rest as well as the future. That pathetic soul that has sent its resentment for 200 and so many years! What disgusting boys!
Page 24
Shion - shut up! It's true, his anger is inside me. But .... he was with my master hakurei ... and with his friends.
Page 25
Shion - He was not influenced by this Cloth. It understood their negative feelings.
Page 26
Shion - They convey a future that I refuse to inherit! I will save him!
Kairos - You're a really naive boy!
Page 27
Shion - Damn it! I reached the limit!
Kairos - Those were beautiful words, but confused no? You can not launch a technique in this state, can you? In the end this is a burden that will cost your life. I'm already satisfied!
Page 29
Avenir - It will reach out to you. This is my prayer. That I'd come to you in peace.
Shion - Avenir!
Page 30
Avenir-We're leaving for the battle. I wish no person of the future .... feel what we feel.
Kairos - Impossible .... what does that mean?
Page 31
Kairos - Is it not right…. .... these fragments of the Cloth are .... protecting him?
Page 32
Shion - I received your last will now. I will survive in this age at all costs and will continue transmitting all this. Both your sorrows ... and your prayers!
Page 33
Shion - Lest you be reborn!
Page 34
Kairos - So, what's your bravery, even alone? However, this is no surprise ... I will finish with you! You will disappear into dust!
Shion - Aries Cloth….lend me your strength!
Page 35
Shion- Starlight Revolution
Page 36
Kairos - How? Impossible! You are just a beginner ..... how can you have so much strength being just a saint?
Page 37
Shion - You're wrong, Kairos. It's not just my strength. The cosmos of all the generations of aries saints in this Cloth gave me strength. They came to the battlefield .... to get us out of this time trap!
Page 38
Kairos - Curse it!