Keep surface clean

Eco-friendly Cleaning

For both people and the environment, we use non-harmful detergents for eco-friendly cleaning!

Cleaning the Coating

It's not a regular cleaning, it's a black hole coating.

Cleaning the coating on the surface of furniture, handprints, mirrors, glass, etc.

I do. That's a better quality cleaning up like that.

It's easier to take care of after work.



Remove drains, shelves, drawers, lights, etc. and clean them.


Choosing and throwing away unnecessary items in the house and wiping out dirty parts of the entire building is also a long-lasting life for the dwelling itself. Cleaning includes daily cleaning, weekly cleaning, monthly cleaning, and seasonal cleaning. In other words, there are places where you should not do it every day (room, floor, kitchen, porch, toilet), places where you can only do it a few times a week (application room, bathroom), parts that you only need to wax the floor once a month (waxing the floor, window cleaning), and parts that you only need to do it a few times a year (light, wall, ceiling). Therefore, it is important to plan the cleaning in advance so as not to put more effort into it. The cleaning plan will depend on the number of families, the composition of families, the state of residence and the environment.

Drain is used to clean with a cloth, sweep it with rain, and wipe it with a wet mop. However, if a new building or construction method is used to build a house, it will be difficult to preserve the building beautifully with the current method of cleaning. If the cleaning method is divided into large sections, it can be divided into dust-removing cleaning, used cleaning, polishing cleaning, and cleaning. Various convenient cleaning equipment are on the market, but it is not necessary to have them all. The general cleaning tools to be equipped are a collection, rain, garbage, mop, bucket, brush, electric vacuum cleaner, manual vacuum cleaner, etc., and various other polish, detergent, and medicine are required. Outdoor cleaning tools are convenient with sari, rake, shovel, and trash.


When moving into a new apartment, bird house syndrome, which can have a fatal impact on children, pregnant women, the elderly and pets, is emitted with a first-class carcinogen called formaldehyde, causing headaches, dizziness and urticaria.

More and more tenants are cleaning up their house by themselves as a way to remove new house syndrome. They say that it is better to remove the smell of the house by directly cleaning the house with self-movement because it does not clean up the corners and expensive costs when calling a company.

Eurte is a product that helps with the removal of new house syndrome, and sells "bake out balls" to have excellent effects in removing house odor, fungal odor, and refrigerator smell, and by launching a new "toilet odor removal ball," you can see the remaining toilet smell and sewer odor removal effects after cleaning the bathroom.

Bakeout balls contain 100% phytoncide undiluted solution, which has the effect of neutralizing harmful substances, and formaldehyde can be removed from the new house syndrome through the adsorption function of the bakeout ball itself. Bakeout balls are semi-permanent products that can be reused when full of harmful substances are absorbed and can continuously manage formaldehyde.

Eurte phytoncide oil is a product that creates synergy by refilling it on a bakeout ball prepared for reuse. In addition, phytoncide spray can be made by making natural deodorant and used for indoor odor removal. It can be sprayed on bedding with phytoncide effect to fight quilt mites, and it can prevent house dust allergies and tick bite marks.

It is important to know that new house syndrome, new car syndrome, cannot be completely eliminated in a short time. "It is a semi-permanent product that can continuously manage formaldehyde in new house syndrome and helps improve indoor environment when ventilation is difficult," a Yurté official said. "If you spray phytoncide spray regularly, you will be able to remove tobacco odor and deodorize the closet."