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Babywearing Tutorial | How to Wrap a Newborn with KeaBabies Wrap Carrier

https://keababies.com/products/baby-wrap-carrier - KeaBabies have designed the best swaddle for newborn babies in order to help out the working mothers. The #swaddling of a newborn is really important and the baby wrap carrier can help out all the moms in the best possible manner.

Check out the baby wrap tutorial by KeaBabies -

1️⃣ Find the middle of the wrap
Our KeaBabies logo tag is in the middle. Fold the baby wrap into half, that way you’ll have a nice pocket to tuck your little one in it. You want an arm’s length from each side of the tag and fold it into half.

2️⃣ Place the tag in the center of your stomach
Wrap it around into a criss-cross at your back and pull up the wrap over your shoulders to form an X behind your back.

3️⃣ Tuck them into the front
Cross both sides again at the front. Wrap it around and tie it at the front. You may tuck the remaining straps if you like. Now you’re ready to put the baby in. Check that both the openings are facing towards each other. Carry your little one on one side that is the outer layer of X. Place your baby gently into the pocket closest to the body. Cover their bottom up to the back and always support their head. Then use the other side of the wrap to cover your little one. Pull up the panel with the KeaBabies tag and place it over your little one.

Make sure the baby is safe and comfortable inside the baby wrap
Take your time for the first few tries, you’ll be a pro in no time ❤️

Happy Wrapping!

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