Chapter 61
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Hasgard - Damn... what incredible power ... so this is the strength of the giant that faced the twelve gods of the Olympus? But....
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Hasgard - We will not fail !!
Page 3
Hasgard - I do not want to lose anything else!
Cor Tauri- I will protect the world in which these children live !! So they can move on to the future!
Page 4
[Hours before]
Hasgard - I think ... we're not approaching. This dark cosmos is becoming more intense.
Page 5
Hasgard - Automatons? but what do they do here ?! This is!
Page 6
Hasgard - It's a cemetery ... and there are so many of them here ...
Enceladus- Another stupid puppet of Daedelus came here? But although these machines could prevent the return of other giants .... it could not prevent my return.
Page 7
Enceladus - The bond of Enceladus will be able to create a powerful echo !! The giant older brother of typhoon!
Page 8
Hasgard - It created such a destructive power with a roar? Is it just a fraction of the power of the giants?
Enceladus - now, the clan of the giants has returned to earth. Then we will release our brothers imprisoned by Zeus and Athena. And when that finally happens ...........
Page 9
Enceladus - We will start a new gigantomachy! We will eradicate men and gods from the face of the earth!
Hasgard - I will not let you do anything!
Enceladus - Ho ... aren’t you a saint of Athena? You were so small that I had not realized. Humans are always germs to me. A species that spreads through the earth like a swarm of maggots!
Page 10
Enceladus - This does not please me .... the earth has already spent too much time in their hands .... I will destroy them as soon as possible!
Page 11
Hasgard - Amazing! He's throwing all these machine bodies all at once! Cor Tauri?
Page 12
Hasgard- Cor Tauri?
Cor Tauri - Thank you ... hasgard … For meeting you...I've never ... had ... friends ...
My heart is upset since we got here
Page 13
Cor Tauri - We must avoid ... that the giants leave the ammonite .... so that we can defend the Earth.. my comrades have come to fight with him .... I am glad to have met you ... we have to win!
Hasgard- Well said, Cor Tauri!
Page 14
Hasgard - I'm going all-out in this attack! Titan's Break!
Cor Tauri - With the power of my heart!
Go back to the depths, Giant !!
Page 15
Enceladus - He ..... opened the earth ... but ... this is useless against an awaken Giant! Giant Loud!
Page 16
Hasgard - what? The shock wave created a hole in the ground removed! This is the power of those who have fought against the gods. It's overwhelming ....
Enceladus - Did you end up in crumbs? It Does not matter! Nothing can stop me!
Page 17
Enceladus - The time has come. my wounds have healed and nothing holds me here! This is the ideal time to .... go to the surface!
Page 18
Enceladus - What? I can not go back ... my body is paralyzed ... what is this electric current? Could it be that?
Page 19
Enceladus - You did it?
Page 20
Hasgard - Wait, Cor Tauri .... I'll join you ...
Enceladus - now I see ... the lightning coming out of your heart ... so you're Daedalus's greatest creation…
Page 21
Enceladus - The heart of the Crete automaton, along with the ichor of zeus! Cor Tauri, the bull's heart, protector of Europa! Also an enemy of the giants! Guardian of Zeus’s Ichor! Damn zeus and Daedelus! As if a simple puppet.....
Page 22
Enceladus - could stand in the way of our ambitions!
Hasgard - Cor Tauri!
Enceladus - You’re nothing more than a doll that follows orders! You do not even have family. You’re just a technological invention that gives its life for anything!
Page 23
Enceladus - How dare you stand in our way?
Cor Tauri- Enceladus .... at this time ... I will fulfill the desire I have as a simple doll!
Page 24
Enceladus - Damn you! You ... have all this power? Bastard!
Hasgard - Cor Tauri!
Cor Tauri - Now, hasgard!
Page 25
Cor Tauri - Anyway, I'll soon lose control over the power of Zeus's blood. So I say to you while I still have my conscience .... seal them both, Enceladus and me, We will sink in etna!
Hasgard - What are you saying? If I do this .......
Page 26
Hasgard - If I do this .... you will never see Celintha and the boys again, right?
Cor Tauri - humans are creatures, Hasgard
Page 27
Cor Tauri - Do not worry, these kids ... the humans are strong. They have always impressed me ... we, the automatos, can not generate turns or multiply ... we are limited only to a generation that deteriorates progressively. Yes.
Hasgard - No, Cor Tauri!
Cor Tauri - These are our limits.
Enceladus - Your body is getting hotter and hotter! It's warmer than before!
Cor Tauri - I just wanted one thing .... over the ages ... protect Europa and her children!
Page 28
Cor Tauri - I believe I always waited .... the day when a man would come to take over my duty!
Enceladus - Garbage! Will you ... release all the power of this ichor?
Hasgard - Wait, Cor Tauri!
Cor Tauri - Please, hasgard ....
Page 29
Cor Tauri - I do not sin ... like robot. Accept my loss. As if I were human .... I beg you ... inherit my desire to protect them!
Page 30
Enceladus - This is not right! You were practically dead! What makes you so strong?
Hasgard - This abundant energy ... comes from the Ichor, of Cor Tauri, and the .... Taurus Cloth.
Page 31
Hasgard - and also of my soul! The future belongs to future generations! CorTauri !!
Page 32
Hasgard - Cor Tauri ... you said that I was a human ... however ... I want to be a giant star, just like you !!
Enceladus - Did you split the ground? The power of this man ... has completely changed !!
Page 33
Enceladus - Our defeat in the gigantomachia will repeat? Stop! I will not go back into darkness after getting so far!

Hasgard - what incredible power! I feel like you're going to beat me! But Zeus’s Ichor and Cor Tauri give me strength to continue! If I relax a little, I'll blow up! If I want to have a little desire to protect this man ... if I can have a will to pierce that power ... I can defeat this man !!!
Page 34
Hasgard - Go back! To the depths of the earth, giant! I'm going to become a new giant star!

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