Digital Downloads Aren't Foolproof - But A Good Response System Saves The Day

"A common mistake people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools." - Douglas Adams


When setting up your Internet marketing system, you'll take steps to make it as automatic and foolproof as possible. However, things can and will go wrong. By having a good backup system established, you'll be able to quickly solve common problems and give your buyers the kind of stellar customer service that has them coming back for more.

Communication Breakdown


As you rely more and more on sales scripts to handle order taking, payment processing, and product delivery, there is always the possibility of a breakdown in electronic communication somewhere along the line. A customer's computer has an aggressive firewall installed ... cookies are disabled ... a connection times out - and your customer never gets their download.


Since your customer has just seen their money get transferred out of their PayPal account - but they have no product to show for it - apprehension can take over. Did they just make a big mistake? Will they ever receive their product? Have they just thrown money out the window?


First Contact


Provide a contact e-mail on your order page - and all the pages in the processing and delivery system. This gives your customer a course of action and instills some confidence in their buying decision. They know they can easily contact you, and hopefully have the problem quickly resolved.


A Prepared Solution


To speed your response to a failed download situation, prepare a backup folder. In this folder you need to place a copy of each digital product that you sell, accompanied by a pre-written e-mail. The e-mail should apologize for the delay and offer a brief explanation of what probably happened. It will also notify the customer that their product is attached to the e-mail (Never assume that all customers will instantly notice the attachment). Then, thank them for their patience.

Take Quick Action


The minute you receive a complaint from a buyer, you or an assistant can easily remedy the situation. With a system in place, it only takes a few seconds to deal with each failed downloads - a lifesaver when you are having a busy launch day.

Simply hit "Reply" ... attach the product ... paste in the response e-mail. Instantly, your customer receives their product and walks away with admiration for your great customer service.

Set It Up Today


With your quick response system in place, you won't waste a lot of time taking care of customer support. You'll be able to quickly and efficiently handle a failed download, and create happy customers who spread the word about your quick, friendly service.