The Secret Tip To Better Sleep



We’ve all heard the same advice when it comes to better sleep - it’s important to go to bed at the same time each night, wake up at the same time every morning, and stay away from your phones when possible. But something that is talked about less often is how important your sleep set-up is to ensure you get a good night’s sleep. There’s a secret tip to ensuring you’re getting the best sleep you can, and that’s making sure you find the best bed frame for your mattress.

The right base can have a transformative impact on your mattress, from ensuring you get good quality sleep to keep your mattress well circulated and cool through the night. Here’s everything you need to know about how you can pick a bed base that’s perfectly suited to your bedroom, as well as your sleep cycle, without having to compromise:


Factor In Mattress Size

A large luxurious bed frame and best king size bed might seem appealing to you when looking at it online or in a store, but it can be much harder to fit in a bedroom that has no space, on with a smaller mattress. Mattresses can be hard on a decor budget, so keep in mind the larger your frame, the more expensive your mattress is also going to be.

By picking your mattress size first and choosing your bed frame after, you avoid running into the problem of having two pieces of bedroom furniture that are incompatible with each other.




Think About How Much Support You Require

Depending on the bed frame you opt for, you can have varying levels of support. There are two main types of bed bases:


  • Platform beds: These provide in-built support for your mattress, and offer a sleek and understated look in any bedroom. Since they tend to be low to the ground, it can be a challenge for sleepers who might have chronic pain to get in and out of a platform bed. They also tend to keep your mattress feeling firm, which can be a challenge for side sleepers who want a softer feel in their sleep.
  • Upholstered bed frames: These bed frames are especially popular because of how comfortable they are, with a softer headboard that allows you to lean back and sit upright on your bed. If you’re allergy-prone, however, upholstered beds might not be for you, since they can often trap dust and other allergens.
  • Adjustable bed frames: A modern alternative to the traditional bed frame, adjustable bed frames come equipped with a ton of features that make them a great choice for picky sleepers. These include massage features, custom settings that allow you to sleep at the perfect position for you, USB ports, and even under-bed lighting.


Match Your Decor Style

Bed frames are a great decor opportunity for your space, especially since they can be so unique and styled to your liking. If you have a rustic bedroom, it makes sense to opt for a bed frame with wooden accents, whereas a more minimal bedroom might opt for a platform bed without any headboard at all. Whichever your preference, there are a ton of options to pick from, and it’s always a good idea to pick something that’s adaptable in case you feel like switching things up. You can compare cal king vs king size to match your room size.

Getting a good night’s sleep is important for your wellbeing, and choosing the right bed frame is going to make all the difference between being able to accomplish this easily and having to toss and turn trying to figure out where you’re going wrong. With the right bedroom accessories, sleep just becomes that much easier, which is why it pays to be planned.


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