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It seems that Tesco is developing some of the best staff members in the country. It has recently been revealed that the supermarket is the new hunting ground for talented senior staff.

The food store has been described as The University of Management because staff there learn the very best in management practices and are then unleashed into the employment market to take on other food jobs.


Headhunters are fighting for the chance to employ staff from Tesco because any manager of a Tesco store will have been dealing with a billion pound turnover and they will also have a knowledge of how to produce the best standards, because in a new job, they will have a standard of 'how can we beat Tesco'. In an era when Tesco has been described as taking over the world, this is invaluable.


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The other bonus of employing talented staff members from Tesco is that they will have had a huge responsibility in their job. Because of the enormity of the company, no matter what they were responsible for, there is no doubt that it will have been big.


It seems that the supermarket giant is a real talent pool that other companies have got their eyes on. But beware, because once you take on a food job with Tesco, you are well and truly thrown into the deep end. But then, that's the best way to learn.


The Co-operative is seeing a slight change of image due to a new marketing strategy which will bring the food company together with Somerfield.


A new advertising campaign is set to highlight the fact that The Co-operative is able to offer incredible value deals because of its joint campaign with Somerfield.


And the food group is using two real members of staff to front the campaign. The couple really have bagged themselves food jobs with a difference. Store supervisor from The Co-operative and Somerfield checkout operator Tomieka Shiell were chosen for the job because it was found that customers connected with them.


They had initially been chosen as internal communicators for Somerfield and The Co-op.


The campaign aims to highlight how customers can benefit from the combination of The Co-op and Somerfield.

The Co-op acquired Somerfield in March after a £1.6 billion deal. Since the, Co-operative products have been phased into Somerfield stores.


The next step is to re brand Somerfield under the Co-op banner and it is hoped that this will be completed by 2011. this new step will really highlight how customers can benefit from choosing The Co-op/Somerfield brand.


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