Chapter 55
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Yuzuriha - What is it? The Pope was right, an evil star collided here. I feel an evil cosmos here! this is....
Page 3
Yuzuriha - But it's buddharupa! It emits an incredible evil aura that melts all the ice around it!
So this statue is one of the evil stars of hades .... it’s very dangerous! It can not stay here!
I will destroy it!
Page 4
Yuzuriha - Huh? What? Is this aura capable of attacking?
Page 5
Hakurei - Very good, yuzuriha. But I told you not to come here alone. In spite of knowing how you hate the army of hades.
Yuzuriha - Master hakurei! even though it is only a statue, it is very dangerous!
Hakurei - Hmm. This evil cosmos that has intensified since it came here ....
Page 6
Hakurei - It’s from atavaka! He is called the demon-god of despair, a deity that draws the weak and devours them!
Yuzuriha - An evil god .... then we really need to destroy it.
Hakurei - Do not. For now, I can only seal this malicious thing ...
Yuzuriha - Why?
Hakurei - Because this cosmos does not come from our world. It comes from a place deeper than the yomotsu hirasaka, deep in the sekishiki.
Page 7
Yuzuriha - Hell? So we....
Hakurei - Exactly. The living can not go there.
Yuzuriha - but! with this temporary seal.
Hakurei - Do not worry, yuzuriha. The only man who equates to atakava is in the sanctuary!
Yuzuriha - It would be….
Page 8
Hakurei - Yes, Virgo Asmita! This is the only man who can walk between the worlds of the living and the dead to talk to the gods and Buddha.
Yuzuriha - The malignant aura .... decreased .....
Page 9
Yuzuriha - but this is strange ... is it that he participated in the holy war?
Hakurei - Before it would be difficult to say ..... but the way he is now … He met athena ...
but we can not totally trust him yet. Virgo Asmita..... once you told me that you can see all the pain of people….
Page 10
Hakurei - but how they can be seen by your blind eyes?
Page 11
Ahimsa - Horrible! Hey, Asmita! Why do they not run away? Is it because of the Specters?
If they suffer, they should fight. Or they prefer to suffer like their followers.
Asmita - They are not here because they want to suffer ...
Ahimsa - then why?
Asmita - It is because there is no escape.
Page 12
Asmita - These are the rules of hell.
Ahimsa - Rules of hell?
Asmita - Yes, the will of the emperor of darkness has surrounded this place since mythological times. furthermore, the dead are deprived of their will, they have only the capacity to suffer ... even the most hopeless are denied hope, and they suffer for eternity as the dead.
Page 13
Ahimsa - All .... eternally? This is horrible!
Asmita - so that our will may prevail in hell, it takes a sense greater than the seventh. But this is an impossible principle for normal humans ... I wonder how you did it.
Ahimsa - It is not normal?
Asmita - I think that's why atavaka is after you ...
Ahimsa - That's why he helped me .... because I'm special .... but then? Wait! My mother died of the disease .....
Page 14
Ahimsa - Wow! This is hot!
Asmita - What are you doing?
Ahimsa - Sorry, Asmita. But I think we're going to split up here.
Page 15
Ahimsa - I'll go find my mother and save her! That's probably why I'm dead!
Asmita - This is crazy. Hell is immense. Understand that your mother is no longer a living being ...
Ahimsa - Do not worry about me! If I'm in hell, at least I can do it for my mother!
Page 17
Ahimsa - What? Black flames? What is this? What are these flames? asmita! They are cremating the dead! What is this feeling? It’s different from that other specter!
Page 18
Ahimsa - His presence surpasses his from afar ...who is he? He has incredible power.... Is he atavaka?
Kagaho - The Virgo saint, the man closest to the gods on earth .... I wonder what kind of person you are to awaken the interest of atavaka.
Page 19
Kagaho - But you're just an effeminate weakling! What a disappointment! He had been in the company of these dead to show them how weak he is! A weak one like you can only help the weak! Virgo!
Page 20
Asmita - I do not save anyone. there are no Specters that are distorted in your path? Esecially you...
Kagaho - shut up! You're just fun for me! Let's see what you can show me! These are the black flames of Kagaho of Bennu, the celestial star of violence!
Page 21
Kagaho - Corona Blast!
Ahimsa - A flaming storm of a black sun!
Page 22
Asmita - your flames are a bit violent. These flames dyed with anger will still devour you one day.
Page 23
Asmita - One day you will be devoured by your nihilism.
Kagaho- Fuck you!
Page 24
Ahimsa - What a fight! These flames are so violent and yet ....he has batted twice with his and asmita ... does not even try to defend himself!
Page 25
Ahimsa - Did he hit you? Who is this guy? He hurts himself more with his own attacks … Is this all to win? No, no, that's not it ... the fact is that he ......
Page 26
Ahimsa - How…. you are kageboshi….. You were still dead ... you should be dead!
Kageboshi - This is immortality, eternal life.
Page 27
Ahimsa - Eternal life....
Kageboshi - we are different from the dead who suffer for eternity. We have control over our bodies of flesh and bones, and we are able to travel between the world of the living and the dead .... our life is as abundant as water ...
Ahimsa - I see, that's why ... you died so easily. "as abundant as water" with such vital force so it would be possible to distribute it? so ... for example ....
Page 28
Kageboshi - give a little to your mother?
Page 29
Kageboshi - This is even a good idea that you had ... you could have an eternal life, then have your mother back ...
Asmita - no...
Kagaho - better pay attention to your opponent!
Page 30
Ahimsa- Offer a little .... to my mother …
Kageboshi - Was not that what you wanted when you lived? Did you not steal food and clothes from the dead and give them to your mother?
Page 31
Kageboshi - if the dead are the ones who waste their lives, then .... you, who have lost the will to stay alive ... will never be again ... that death will redeem everything!
Do you understand reality?
Page 32
Ahimsa - A shadow appeared behind kageboshi. and in the center...a sharp hell. that woman ..... she is!
Page 33
Ahimsa - My mom? Damn ... Damn! Mom, are you okay? She's been suffering here for all that time ....
Kageboshi - So, what will you do, ahimsa?
Page 34
Kageboshi - Your mother is dead and in a state of pity. Do you want to rid her of this suffering?
In that case, call for ... atakava. Only then will you receive eternal life .......
Page 36
Kageboshi - The world of my illusion was destroyed ....
Page 37
Kageboshi - Very interesting .... you summoned the Chimimoryo while fighting bennu and undid my barrier. You are worthy of your reputation, virgo asmita!
Page 38
Asmita - I see, so you're atavaka. You used the form of kageboshi to approach ahimsa. And with that you intend to lead him to tread your way.
Atakava - What's the matter, Saint? I just made the offer. The rest is your choice.
Page 39
Atakava- Just wake up your soul !! Welcome, my partner.
Page 40
Atakava -contemplate your new life! ahimsa!

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