Tips On How To Care For Your Gear And Accessories During Offseason


If you’re into equestrian or shooting, you would agree that one’s performance doesn’t rely on talent and skills alone. For you to ace a tournament, you must have your own set of proper gears and accessories, such as shotguns, Shotgun slips, bridles and Saddle flasks. Subsequently, you also have the responsibility of taking good care of these items. 

In this listicle, we’re rounding up six must-know tips to keep them in great condition. 

Never over-soak your leather-made gears

Generally speaking, a leather is a durable material. It can even have a long lifespan granted that it won’t encounter untimely wear and tear. 

Whether they are shotgun slips, or saddles -- or even saddle flasks -- never over-soak your leather-made gears and accessories. Doing so can prematurely age your gear. To clean any leather, it’s always better to use a damp cloth. If it’s as heavyweight as leather boots, rinse it thoroughly with plenty of water, but be mindful of how long you’re going to expose your leather item. 

After cleaning, allow these gears to naturally dry.

Keep leather items in a cool, dry place

When not in use, leathers are best kept in a cool and dry place. Too much exposure to the sun will cause them to dry out completely and crack eventually. Apart from sunlight, make sure to keep them away from other sources of heat, like open fire or a radiator. 

However, one thing you should bear in mind is applying a specialized leather protector before storing them during the offseason. This will help preserve the condition of the leather. 

Be careful when washing your equestrian or shooting clothes

Your shooting or equestrian clothes aren’t like your typical, everyday garment that you wash just with the help of a washing machine and some detergent and fabric conditioner. Avoid using products with strong chemicals and check the appropriate washing instructions for these types of clothing. When removing mud, use a stiff brush to clean off the dirt. Allow them to dry in a warm room. 

Don’t forget to also wash horse blankets and sheets

Horse blankets and sheets give protection to your horse and help them cope up with the changing temperature. To maintain these their good condition, make it a habit to clean and waterproof them regularly using specialized products. Just like your own activity clothes, they shouldn’t be washed just by a regular detergent. 

For shotgun slips, make sure to remove all mud and other debris

Now, if you’re a shooter, one of the most important gears you must carefully protect is your shotgun. In the same manner, you should equally turn your attention to your shotgun slips. At the end of every season, clean it using warm water, sponge, and a saddle soap. When cleaning, remove all mud and other debris using a brush. 

Ask for professional help 

Lastly, if you want to ensure your gears and accessories are in tip-top condition, you can always ask for professionals to check them for you. They can give the best ways to address certain problems that they may encounter upon examining your kit.