Today I'll show you how to configure masternode with ModernWallet

What do you need?

1. At least 10000 XSG
2. ModernWallet
3. Enable transaction index in snowgem.conf file
4. A VPS, I recommend to use vultr or digitalocean
You can choose ubuntu 16.04 or 18.04 with 1 core and 1 gb RAM

PART 1: On your local PC
Check your snowgem.conf data, it's in:
- Linux: ~/.snowgem folder
- Windows: %appdata%/SnowGem folder
- MAC: ~/Library/Application Support/SnowGem folder

Let me check my configuration
I haven't had it yet, I need to add txindex=1
After adding txindex, it requires to reindex wallet, you can choose reindex manually or download indexed blockchain from our server: https://cdn1.snowgem.org/blockchain_index.zip
then extract to snowgem folder
- remove blocks, chainstate, spork folder
- download zip file
- after downloading finish, extract it to data folder
- my download is finished
- move data to correct folder

Next step, you need to send exactly 10000 XSG to collateral address(where you'll receive masternode reward)
If you get "bad-txns-oversize" error, please go to our FAQ page

I'll create a new address
We need to wait some confirmations

Go to Masternodes -> masternodes setup
Click on Generate Masternode Data button

You're going to setup masternode
Alias name: whatever you want without special characters
IP: your vps IP

If your wallet is not restarted, close it and open again

On Windows, I'll show you data folder
Just do the same as what i did

OK, my masternode is shown
We'll move to part 2

PART 2: VPS configuration
Open Putty and login your vps

Update your VPS

Install dependencies: sudo apt-get install build-essential pkg-config libc6-dev m4 g++-multilib autoconf libtool ncurses-dev unzip git python python-zmq zlib1g-dev wget bsdmainutils gpw automake curl unzip nodejs

I recommend to use our masternode setup script: https://github.com/Snowgem/masternode-setup
Clone it to vps: git clone https://github.com/Snowgem/masternode-setup
Run ./part1.sh

Setup masternode command:

./part2.sh masternode1

Replace with your masternode data

./part2.sh masternode1 5JnXpbX27JzsqUKuJfhuiVFouqqNUFqC7c7XXLTxL2VNdjAzKKV 1e973f697e25414ad0d0eb641eb66b6ac90dd90609a9cd5979c1d26f275dd8f2 0

then run it, take a coffee and wait for finishing

It'll take 20-30 mins

OK, everything is done now. Let's check wallet status
OK, all good. Current block is 315k, I have to wait for syncing. Once it's synced, back to your wallet and start masternode

back to home folder: cd ~

My wallet is synced, let's check masternode status: ./snowgem-cli masternodedebug

It's waiting for starting

PART 3: Start masternode
Back to local PC, select masternode then start it

There's a small display bug :P, but your masternode is started successfully
Check vps again

Waiting few minutes to make sure that your masternode is running well
If it works, your active time will be updated in less than 20 mins

My masternode up time is updated, All good now.

Thanks so much.