Best Iranian Restaurant in Abu Dhabi

If you are seeking out the Best Iranian Restaurant in Abu Dhabi then you are landing on the right platform. You may get a delightful dish that would make your big day or even small events memorable. Enjoy the fine Iranian delectable savories with Abgousht, Chelo Kabab, Fesenjan, and Shirin Polo that ancient Persian people make while sitting in Abu Dhabi. Fans of great Indian food recommend visiting the Iranian restaurants in Abu Dhabi and wish to enjoy a perfect Iranian meal. These eateries aim to leave no stone unturned so as to provide you with the authentic flavors of Persian and a great ambiance in totality. The best food spots desire to know about your Iranian dining experience. Ensure that you write about the dining experience within the comment section.

Get the Best Iranian Restaurant in Abu Dhabi!

Sajway offers a traditional Arabian & Moroccan dining experience that embraces authentic tastes & flavors. The sea-views and the Arabian style that is implemented within every detail create this place simply magical. A restaurant is a perfect place for any occasion.  After work is also an ideal time since the restaurant is one of the best spots within the town to catch up with the breath-taking sunset. After the work is also an ideal time since Sajway is one of the best spots within the town to catch up on a breath-taking sunset. Once the sun goes down the magic increase and the oriental vibes fill up the restaurant with stunning lighting and sounds.

Once the sun goes down the magic begins to happen and increase and the Oriental vibes fill the restaurant with stunning and eye-catching lighting and sounds.Make sure that you Experience the authentic taste of the Middle East, The menu involves traditional grills, kebabs, Moroccan tagines, and freshly prepared Arabian delights. Sajway is one of the Best Iranian Restaurants in Abu Dhabi. Even if you are seeking out quality time with family and friends, chill out within an intimate ambiance or have a great time with Arabian entertainment, Sajway is the right place.

The restaurant offers to experience live belly dance performance while dining in the evenings. Even you may enjoy hosting only for ladies then you may plan it out and enjoy it perfectly well. So, ladies what are you waiting for when you can enjoy that too within the Best Iranian Restaurant in Abu Dhabi. Ensure that you take your girlfriends for an exclusive night wherein gents are not allowed or else even you both may enjoy it easily. Enjoy the fabulous belly dance performance along with a delicious dinner wherein the female spins the sounds that you require to.

The restaurant holds up an innovative style of Indian restaurant that boasts up a traditional North West Indian menu with succulent meals, vegetables, and fish, Sajway offers authentic Indian food within a modern setting. Enjoy the breakfast, lunch, or dinner at the restaurant with a side of live sports and weekly entertainment along with good food that makes a good mood. Iranian is one of the cuisines known for its aromatic gravies, spiced rice, and rich flavors. The dish is devoured mostly within the western Indian states of Gujarat as well as Maharashtra too. Best Iranian Restaurant in Abu Dhabi serves you with amazing food quality and good service.


Even though there are only a handful of places that pride themselves on a wholeheartedly Irani, multiple places have got an impeccable selection of Irani food over their menu. These menus do feature hints of Persian as well as Iranian flavors, we take that within our stride for the sake of cultural, culinary, and historic similarities. Sajway manages to satiate the craving for Parsi and Irani food. The restaurant has got an Iranian vibe going and the food is finger-licking delicious. They have got a variety of delicious items over their menu to select from. You need to try their Papeta par eeda, Marghi na Farcha, and Mutton Berry Pulao. Ensure that you wish to try on the best dishes at the Best Iranian Restaurant in Abu Dhabi. Come once, try once and you would surely love to visit the place again and again.