Dressing Tables – Here’s How to Choose the Perfect Vanity for Your Room

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A decisively decorative furniture item, dressing tables apart from being functional, add a great aesthetic value to any room that you place them on. This furniture has come a long way from the time it was used extensively in the medieval period by both women and men to adorn themselves. Its present-day use has not diminished either. People everywhere love to create a personalized vanity space for themselves. Generally, the time you spend in front of your vanity is exclusively your own. You can beautify yourself, experiment with your makeup and clothing and achieve a sense of confidence in yourself. Thus, a dressing table cannot simply be regarded as a complimentary piece of décor. It can also be seen as a place where you become aware of your features, personality and how you can enhance them.


Considering the facts that are mentioned above, it is imperative for a modern household to invest in a quality vanity. But for the common man, the situation becomes a little challenging when they see an array of options with regards to this furniture item. A great vanity should have many features so that it becomes highly functional for you. They are what you should pay attention to whenever you are searching for a dressing table online. It has been noticed that people do not focus on this furniture as much as they do on other kinds of furniture like sofa, dining table, bed, and the like. However, if you purchase dressing tables wisely, it will not be long before you realize the myriad benefits that it provides to make your life more convenient. Let’s explore how you can settle in on the best one

  • Take into account the size

Size matters a lot. In fact, it can make or break the whole look of your room. If you look at dressing table online, you will soon find that apart from various designs, they also come in varying sizes. You need to carefully examine the space available in your room before you pick a vanity for yourself. A too large vanity in a small room will prevent you from dressing up properly and will make the who room cluttered, instead of clean.

  • Choose the best material

If you have been to a furniture store before, you might be aware that home décor items are made of many materials glass, metal, and wood. A vanity is no exception to it either. If you want to go with the best material, then a wooden dressing table is the perfect option for you. No one can deny the durability of wood and its qualities of being a resistant and resilient material. Moreover, with its contemporary charm, it is the perfect addition to Indian home.

  • Take a look at the features

Dressing tables should not only offer you the ability to look at yourself and become ready for the day. Pay attention to the other features that make them versatile and functional. It is a great idea to purchase one with drawers and shelves which you can also use as a display unit. Also look at the length of the mirror. A dressing table with mirror that is long will give you a complete view of yourself. It is much better to go ahead with a full-length mirror if the space in your room permits you.

  • Place it right

The last but not the least consideration when you are buying dressing tables relates to their placement in your room. You want to keep your vanity in a place where the natural light from outside falls. A dressing table with mirror kept at such a strategic point will enable you to get ready with ease as the natural light will illuminate you features and help you attain a better view of yourself.


Conclusion: Now that you have realized the significance of keeping solid dressing tables in your home, it is time to plan your purchase. You will be amazed at how a vanity is able to transform your bed room for the better, making it more cosy and

welcoming to the eyes of anyone.