Exceptional Qualities that a Great Football Coach must have by Stefan Motzo

Being a good football coach isn’t just about guiding and helping the players to learn different skills. It is also about personality, methodology, mental attitude, and man-management. Along with this, various aspects made a football coach exceptional when it comes to helping and guiding the players to teach them new skills.   


Talking about Stefan Motzo, a great football coach in Germany who has been providing exceptional great football coaching for the last more than 12 years believes that it is important to know what type of coach you are and what your strengths and weaknesses are. For example, a natural authoritarian may come over as confrontational and aggressive. If the coach identifies this fact, she or he can modify their behavior depending on the player or team they are coaching. According to Stefan Motzo, a good football coach has various qualities that become a plus point for players and teams too. Let’s have a look at the qualities suggested by Stefan that a good football coach must have:




The best coaching knows that a team or any player requires many different qualities and skills. While some players excel in technical areas, others excel when it comes to fitness, commitment, leadership, and strength. Coaching a team means providing the players more guidance and time than others in different areas of the game. This needs the understanding and patience that players develop and learn at various places. 




Some of the best coaches of all time in the game of football say that taking final responsibility for the performance of the team is a parcel and part of the job. Good leadership also refers to walking the fine line between support and discipline. A football coach needs to make sure that his or her instruction is taken seriously and perform without causing a bad feeling and an atmosphere of pressure. In short, football coaches need to lead many different personalities into battle – and to get the better of each one.  


Along with the patience and good leadership qualities, Stefan Motzo also believes that good communications skills are also a factor that makes any football coach a great one. With good communication skills, a coach can guide his or her team in a better way and will also help in delivering constructive feedback. According to Stefan, it is the coach who builds the team to achieve higher objectives in the game of football.