Gaming Machine Payout Lines The rules of the game on slot machines most often enable the user to select the number of lines on which you can bet. Most often, the cost of a spin varies directly from this, that is, the rate is multiplied by the number of lines. Some machines offer a different approach, for example, a fixed rate for several predefined sets of lines or the ability to connect an additional row or line for twice the cost of rotation. In any case, the greater the number of currently active lines, the higher the chances of winning. 

Bonus Symbols The rules also contain information on bonus symbols. Such pictures rarely appear, but their appearance can significantly affect the results of the spin. Depending on the slot, the principle of their action changes - they can activate interactive rounds, substitute other pictures, start free spins or simply pay in any position. 

Scatter Symbol The most functional symbol, which depending on the slot has different capabilities. Recently, he has launched free spins. But before, he was simply paid in any position, which was just two, not three, pictures. Wild Symbol A character that can form a line by replacing other pictures. It replaces almost all images except bonus and scatter. Also, in many games, it increases the number of coins received for the line where it is located.